Alberta Provincial Nominee Program (AINP)
Alberta Provincial Nominee Program (AINP)
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    Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program - A Guide!

    Canada has 10 PNPs or Provincial Nominee Programs, unique for each of its provinces and territories. And one of the most famous among them is the Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program.

    A variety of workers, professionals, and entrepreneurs can relocate forever to Alberta under the Alberta Advantage Immigration Program. It was earlier famous as the Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program. 

    Provincial nomination certificates are given to successful AAIP candidates. With this referral, the candidate and, if eligible, any accompanied members of the family could submit a permanent resident status application to Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada.

    The government statistics from Canada’s latest census in 2016 show that Alberta competes with British Columbia for the title of second most popular immigration location in Canada, after Ontario. Alberta has been an extremely appropriate location for immigrants to Canada over the past few years.

    The percentage of recent immigrants in Alberta climbed from 6.9% in 2001 to 17.1% in 2016, with recent immigrants being those who first received permanent residency in Canada five years previously to a survey.

    The abundance of employment possibilities and excellent level of living in Alberta draw immigrants. The province’s largest city, Edmonton, as well as the somewhat bigger Calgary and a number of smaller towns, have seen recent periods of economic growth.

    Various Streams of the Alberta Advantage Immigration Program (AAIP)

    Eight streams are available under the Alberta Advantage Immigration Program. 

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      The Four worker streams of AAIP are:

      • The Opportunity Stream, 
      • Express Entry Stream, 
      • Accelerated Tech Pathway, and 
      • Rural Renewal Stream

      The Four entrepreneur streams of AAIP are:

      • The Rural Entrepreneur Stream, 
      • Graduate Entrepreneur Stream, 
      • Foreign Graduate Entrepreneur Stream, and 
      • Farm Stream 

      Various AAIP streams for workers

      For foreign employees in Alberta, the Opportunity stream offers a route to Canadian permanent residency. To qualify, applicants must have a job offer from an Alberta firm.

      For Express Entry applicants that Alberta welcomes to register to the province, the Express Entry stream offers a route. Candidates receive invitations via their Express Entry accounts, but the precise selection procedures are kept secret.

      Certain Express Entry applicants who have been working in Alberta in an authorized technological profession or who have an offer of employment from an Alberta company in a qualified technological profession are given accelerated consideration through the Accelerated Tech Pathway.

      A second draw from the stream will issue an invitation to apply (ITA) for permanent resident status and 600 more Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) points to eligible candidates who acquire a provincial nomination through an Express Entry-aligned channel.

      For immigrants who already have employment and supportive environments from a recognized rural town in Alberta, there is a stream called “Rural Renewal.”

      Various AAIP streams for entrepreneurs

      The Rural Entrepreneur Stream is designed for seasoned businesspeople who want to launch a new company or buy an existing one in a rural area of Alberta.

      Overseas students who’ve already completed their graduation or courses from post-secondary schools in Alberta and want to settle there forever by establishing a company or buying an existing one can apply through the Graduate Entrepreneur Stream.

      New grads from post-secondary universities outside of Canada who want to start their own businesses and relocate to Alberta can apply to the Foreign Graduate Entrepreneur Stream.

      For seasoned farmers with the demonstrated ability to run a farm in Alberta, the AAIP also provides the Farm Stream.

      Filing for the Alberta Immigration Nominee Program: Best Four Suggestions

      Once it comes to being able to file your AAIP application, it helps to be as informed as you can. Here are the four most important recommendations you should keep in mind:

      Learn the AAIP policies and guidelines that apply to you:

      The number of applications received and the demands of the labor market impact the availability of AAIP channels and subcategories. Ensure you are just as ready as possible because the AAIP’s requirements are frequently reviewed and could alter at any time, without prior notice.

      Examine the AAIP selection standards:

      There are various selection criteria for each stream. Make sure you are aware of what is required for your stream.

      Check out the requirements for the language test:

      You must pass one of the recognized language examinations for Canadian immigration in order to verify that you are proficient in either English or French.

      Follow the guidelines provided forth on the AAIP website:

      Applications must be submitted through the AAIP Online Portal for the Opportunity and Express Entry streams. You could always check the AAIP government site for the most recent qualifying criteria and application processes.

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