Canada Permanent Residency
Canada Permanent Residency
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    Canadian PR Visa Procedure - A Guide!

    Canada is a country of opportunity, and each year, thousands of people apply towards becoming permanent residents and receive their PR cards. Actually, Canada has been getting more and more qualified applications each year. So far I n 2022, the Canadian government has invited 411,000 people to settle there permanently, and that figure is rising!

    Who is a Permanent Resident of Canada?

    An immigrant to Canada who has been granted permanent residence status but is not a Canadian citizen is known as a permanent resident. People from other nations are permanent residents. A visitor to Canada, such as a student or an employee from outside, is not considered a permanent resident.

    How to Apply for Permanent Residence in Canada in 2022

    Based on the path you choose, there are various needs and stages, so it’s vital to understand more and consider talking with an immigration professional. A PR Card will be sent to you once your application for permanent residence in Canada has been approved or extended.

    Who May Apply for Status as a Permanent Resident?

    Anyone may submit an application for permanent residence in Canada, but only those who meet the requirements will be considered. You will undergo testing to determine your eligibility for permanent residency by your:

    • Age
    • Educational level
    • Language proficiency- French or English
    • Second official language
    • Canadian professional experience

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      Top five immigration routes for Canadian permanent residents.

      Via specific economic immigration programs, the Express Entry system administers requests for permanent residency from immigrants who could really fill occupations where there is a shortage of qualified Canadian employees.

      Visitors who visit Canada with the goal of conducting business will find a wealth of opportunities. Business immigrants with ownership, management, or investment experience are welcome to apply through Canada’s business immigration channels.

      Families in Canada can reconcile through family sponsorship. Through a variety of sponsoring options, Canadian permanent residents and citizens can sponsor their relatives’ immigration to Canada.

      The Canadian Experience Class (CEC) is an immigration program created to assist temporary international workers and international students currently residing in Canada in using their education and employment history to support their applications for permanent residency in Canada.

      The Provincial Nominee Programs are intended for those who have the training, credentials, and professional experience needed to meet Canada’s labor shortages. Target audiences for each province and territory’s streams include employees, business owners, and students.

      Temporary residency to permanent residency.

      You have the choice to change your status to permanent residency if you are visiting Canada temporarily to reside, work, or study.

      Work Permit -

      It’s fairly popular to apply for permanent residence with a work permit, which can be accomplished by:

      • Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP)
      • Provincial Nominee Program (PNP)
      • Canadian Experience Class (CEC)

      Study Permit -

      You possess choices that are quite similar to those available to people with work permits if you are an international student in Canada seeking permanent residency. The Post Graduate Work Visa (PGWP) program application and subsequent permanent residency application are the two greatest ways to effectively get permanent residency with a study permit in Canada.

      Visitor Visa -

      It’s quite uncommon to successfully obtain a tourist or visitor visa in order to change your temporary status to permanent resident status, but it does happen occasionally. Typically, the only option to do this is to be eligible for refugee status or to have a partner who is a citizen of Canada.

      Canada PR Permit Period

      A Canadian PR Card can be extended after its initial five-year expiration date. You must remain in Canada for 730 days during those five years in order to maintain your permanent residence status.

      How to Lose Your Permanent Residence in Canada

      There are various ways for someone to lose their PR status in Canada, including:

      • After an investigation or PRTD appeals, an adjudicator decides that you are no longer a permanent resident.
      • You voluntarily give up your status as a permanent resident.
      • You are the subject of a removal order that goes into effect.
      • You acquire Canadian citizenship.

      Benefits of Obtaining Permanent Residence in Canada

      Many foreign citizens eagerly anticipate the many advantages of becoming a citizen while beginning their new lives in Canada. Among these advantages are:

      • Canadian politics: Voting in federal, provincial, and local elections gives Canadian citizens a greater voice. Additionally, citizens are free to participate in politics and run for office, giving them a say in who leads Canada’s many levels of government.
      • High-level positions – Citizens have the choice of applying for higher-level federal positions, which frequently have excellent compensation and perks.
      • Dual citizenship – If you are a Canadian citizen, you are free to choose another nation as your principal residence. You can apply for dual citizenship if necessary.
      • Family: Any child born in Canada is instantly regarded as a citizen of that country. This enables you to provide your children with a better life to begin without having to go through the immigration approval process.
      • Taxes – Because Canadian taxes are dependent on residency rather than citizenship, if you are a citizen of Canada and choose to live somewhere else, you might not be obligated to pay Canadian taxes.

      The Multi-Year Immigration Plan for Canada

      Canada prepares to welcome and receive thousands of people as permanent residents every year.

      • 2022- 431,645
      • 2023- 447,055
      • 2024- 451,000

      Get Assistance When Applying for Canadian Permanent Residence

      The procedure for applying for permanent residence can be exceedingly challenging, time-consuming, and complicated. If you are thinking of applying for Canadian permanent residence, it is crucial that you receive expert immigration assistance throughout the Canada PR process because many temporary residents convert their position to permanent residency. After waiting for several months (or even years), the last word you would like to hear is that your application has been rejected.

      So, let the best Canadian Visa Consultants in Canada help you here. 

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