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    Quebec Experience Class Program - A Guide!

    The provincial version of the federal Canadian Experience Class program is known as the Quebec Experience Class Immigration Program (PEQ). The PEQ is intended primarily for international students and workers who are now residing in Quebec. It needs to be emphasized that, unlike the QSW program, the PEQ is not a point-based system.

    You will be eligible as far as you comply with the precise requirements. As a result, contrasted to other Immigration Quebec programs, the processing period for a PEQ application is much quicker. There are two different types of prerequisites for the PEQ application based on if you are an employee or a student.

    Conditions for the student stream

    • Age of majority is 18 years.
    • Possess the purpose to work and relocate to Quebec.
    • Haven’t broken the CAQs or your student permit’s rules.
    • Having a Québec diploma that qualifies you for the PEQ or anticipating finishing your course of study within the following six months.
    • French proficiency at an advanced-intermediate level.


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      The Quebec Experience Class Immigration Program is open to graduates of the following diploma programs.

      • DEP, a vocational studies diploma requiring at least 1,800 hours of study
      • Following the DEP, students must complete a brief vocational program (in the same academic field) for a minimum of 1,800 hours of study.
      • DEC is an acronym for the technical training program.
      • Bachelor’s degree, undergraduate student.
      • MBA, master’s degree, and Ph.D.
      Specifications for the worker stream
      • Age of at least eighteen.
      • Possess the purpose to work and relocate to Quebec.
      • Hold a valid work permit and are currently employed by a Quebec company.
      • Possess a legal work permit in Quebec and a minimum of 12 months of qualifying work experience (skill level O, A, or B).
      • French skills at an advanced-intermediate level.
      Additional details regarding the Quebec Experience Class Immigration Program
      • You can prove that you speak French at a B2 level in the following situations:
      • You have finished your French study course.
      • Enroll in intermediate French language courses at a recognized university.
      • Test your knowledge of French.
      • In contrast to the QSW program, there is no interview requirement for the PEQ program.
      • You cannot intend to enroll in another program of study once your application has been accepted.

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