Spousal Sponsorship
Spousal Sponsorship
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    Canada believes in uniting families. So, it has a number of options available for immigrants to live with their families in the country while adding valuable sums to the country’s economy.


    Read on to learn about the best ways to live with your family in Canada.

    Spouse Sponsorship Program

    The Spouse Sponsorship Program is a visa program that allows Canadian citizens or PRs, who are above the age of 18 and financially stable, to sponsor their spouse/common-law partner/conjugal partner to Canada for PR.

    This program is a sub-path of the Family Sponsorship Program.

    Types of Spouse Sponsorship Applications

    • Inland: It is for the case if the person you wish to sponsor is currently in Canada. The application can be made from within Canada. This form of sponsorship allows the applicants to continue to live in Canada while their permanent residence application is under process.
    • Outland: Here, you can sponsor a person who resides abroad and wishes to be a Canadian PR or citizen. The application is submitted from abroad through an Embassy or Consulate. The person has to wait for the PR but can visit Canada.

    Who are eligible for the Spouse Sponsorship Program?

      • Spouse- A spouse is a person you are legally married to.
      • Common-law partner- It is a person that you have been living with for a year without getting married. Proper proof should be presented to prove the relationship status.
      • Conjugal partner- It is a person that you are in a relationship with for over a year, but don’t live together. Proper proof should be presented to prove the relationship status.
      • Dependent Children- The children here should be under the age of 22 and should be financially dependent on you.

    Your eligibility as a sponsor

    Being a sponsor means taking responsibility. So, the following are the eligibility criteria for this program:
    • You should be a PR or citizen of Canada
    • You should be above 18 years
    • You should be financially stable and must have the funds to support your sponsored member in their initial days post-landing.
    • Along with the 3rd point, the most important thing here is the contract that you have to sign to confirm the financial support. It reads as:
    • — You have to cover the basic needs of the member, such as-
      food, clothing, shelter, and other needs for everyday living, dental care, eye care, and other health needs that aren’t covered by public health services.

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      The contract won’t break even under the following circumstances:

      • the sponsored person becomes a Canadian citizen
      • Even if you divorce or break the relationship with them
      • If you or the person you sponsor move to another province or country
      • Even if you have financial problems

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