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Canadian Resources for Newcomers

To help you navigate your new life in Canada, we’ve created a quick and easy Canada Newcomers Resource Guide, complete with all the important details you need to know. From public transit to public holidays - we got you covered!

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    A Guide to Getting Settled In Canada

    Are you new to Canada? We hope you’ll settle in quickly and find some new friends who will help you feel at home. Though culture shock is entirely normal at first, you’ll quickly fall in love with the culturally varied and stunning nation with its outstanding geographic characteristics, like as massive mountain ranges and more than two million lakes.

    Our short and simple Canada Newcomers Resource Guide has all the information you require to successfully navigate your new life in Canada. Everything is covered, from public transportation to public holidays!

    Provincial Resources for Newcomers' Guides

    It can feel as though you are entering a foreign country while moving from one province to another. Each Canadian province is distinct in this way, and the laws and regulations of each vary substantially. You might be covered in a different way under the Ontario Health Insurance Plan than the Alberta Health Insurance Plan, for instance. To help you access pertinent information and resources from the province you intend to call home, we have put together a selection of Provincial Newcomers Resource Guides.

    Helplines and Emergency Numbers

    It’s important for newcomers to Canada to be aware that, like in the US, the national emergency number for police, fire, and medical emergencies is 9-1-1. The toll-free line will have operators who can help you in your native tongue. 9-1-1 services are available to Toronto residents and visitors in up to 240 different languages. You can use the following hotlines in case of other crises or upsetting circumstances:

    Helpline Numbers to Know in Canada




    For fire, police or medical emergencies. The services are available in multiple languages.


    Canada Suicide Prevention Service


    Drug and Alcohol Helpline (Ontario)

    888 426-4435

    Animal Poison Control

    1 (866) 863 0511

    Assaulted Women’s Helpline (Toronto)

    1 (866) 633-4220

    National Eating Disorders Information Centre

    Canadian public transportation

    How do you intend to navigate? If you are a new immigrant to Canada, it’s possible that you don’t yet have a personal vehicle and must rely on public transportation. The good news is that Canada’s transportation network is quite effective, but major cities like Ottawa, Toronto, Calgary, Vancouver, and Montreal offer a wider range of options. Buses, trains, or subways are some of the numerous kinds of transportation, while taxis or ride-sharing services like Uber and Lyft are also very common. Find out below how much it will cost you to use Canada’s public transportation.


    Type of Transport

    Average Cost

    Bus – Monthly Pass

    $165 (adult)

    Subway – Weekly Pass



    $8 per km


    $1.197 per litre


    $17 per person (one-way)

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    The public holidays in Canada

    A weekend escape or enjoyable outings with friends can be planned in advance if you keep track of impending public holidays. The number of public holidays in Canada varies by province and territory, hence we are unable to provide an exact figure. For instance, most provinces have public holidays on Boxing Day, the day following Christmas, with the exception of Newfoundland, the Northwest Territories, Nunavut, and Ontario. Additionally, some jurisdictions observe particular regional holidays, such as Nova Scotia Heritage Day on February 15. In Canada, people observe religious holidays like Ramadan, Shavuot, and Diwali.

    Public Holidays in Canada 2021



    1 Jan

    New Years Day

    15 Feb

    Family Day (Only AB, BC, NB, ON, SK)

    2 Apr

    Good Friday

    5 Apr

    Easter Monday (Only NT, NU, QC)

    24 May

    Victoria Day (All except NB, NS, PE, QC)

    1 Jul

    Canada Day

    6 Sep

    Labour Day

    11 Oct

    Thanksgiving Day (All except NB, NS, PE)

    11 Nov

    Remembrance Day (All except MB, NS, ON, QC)

    25 Dec

    Christmas Day

    26 Dec

    Boxing Day (All except NL, NT, NU, ON)

    Expat Groups Membership

    An excellent approach to connecting with like-minded people is through ex-pat groups. By assisting you in creating a new support network, connecting with other ex-pats in Canada will facilitate your assimilation into the nation. In reality, you can ask for guidance from people who have been in your situation before by joining an ex-pat club before relocating to Canada.

    • Groups for Expats in Canada
    • InterNations
    • MeetUp
    • Canadian-Asian Associations;
    • India-Canada Associations; and
    • South Africans in Nova Scotia
    A list of Attractions In Various Canadian Provinces

    Don’t just sit at home; go exploring instead! Making connections with their new environment is crucial for immigrants to Canada since this can help them adjust more smoothly. Visits to national parks, markets, and museums can enhance your knowledge of the area’s past and make you feel more connected. Not sure where the local points of interest are? For example, if you reside in Toronto, you can easily search online for activities to do there. Use the Newcomers to Canada Exploration Guide below to get started on your ultimate bucket list of places to visit.


    • Toronto CN Tower
    • Niagara Falls
    • Flowerpot Island

    British Columbia

    • Emerald Lake
    • Whistler Blackcomb
    • Capilano Suspension Bridge


    • Moraine Lake
    • Calgary Joo
    • West Edmonton Mall


    • Big Muddy Badlands
    • Stone Hall Castle
    • Grasslands National Park


    • Northern Lights
    • The Forks Market
    • Grand Beach


    • Perce’ Rock
    • Old Montreal
    • Village Vacances Valcartier

    Newfoundland and Labrador

    • Bonavista Town
    • Singal Hill
    • Marble Mountain

    New Brunswick

    • Bay Of Fundy
    • King’s Landing
    • Grand Manan Island

    Prince Edwards Island

    • Covehead Harbour Lighthouse
    • Green Cables Heritage Place
    • Charlottetown

    Nova Scotia

    • Peggy’s Cove
    • UNESCO Town Of Lunenberg
    • Cabot Trail


    • Baffin Island
    • Pond Inlet
    • Auyuittuq National Park

    Northwest Territories

    • Nahanni National Park Reserve
    • Great Northern Arts Festival
    • Canol Trail


    • Kluane National Park
    • MacBridge Museum
    • Yukon Brewing Company
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