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    Immigrate To Quebec - A Guide!

    In 2022, Quebec’s immigration will pick up, with the largely French-speaking province aiming to accept 70,000 new immigrants in a single year.

    Up to 52,500 immigrants under the new Quebec immigration strategy will be among these new arrivals, plus an additional 18,000 or so to make up for a lack of immigrants during the COVID-19 pandemic. Numerous extra temporary employees and foreign students headed for Quebec are not included in these figures.

    Around two-thirds of individuals authorized to settle permanently in Quebec will be economic immigrants, authorized via several smaller business immigration schemes in addition to the Quebec Experience Program and Quebec Skilled Worker Program. These programs are all described below, by the best Canadian Visa Consultants in Canada.

    Thousands of authorised family-class immigrants and refugees are also being admitted to Quebec.

    The latest immigration goals for Quebec are higher than they were the prior two years. The current Coalition Avenir Québec administration in Quebec took office in 2018 on a pledge to temporarily lower immigration. Given the high number of empty jobs in Quebec and the aging population, it appears that the CAQ has changed its mind about the advantages of extensive immigration.

    An overview of Quebec immigration

    Quebec is a French-speaking province, although immigrants from other languages are welcome there as well. Quebec offers a variety of immigration options for professionals, students, and entrepreneurs. This guide was created to provide you with an understanding of Quebec’s immigration choices.

    Even though speaking French is not a necessity for people wishing to immigrate to Quebec, it is helpful. The majority of Quebec’s immigration programs give priority to applicants who can speak French fluently.

    Why do people move to Quebec?

    For foreigners moving to Canada, Quebec is a popular choice. Based on the latest census, there are over a million immigrants living in the province. The famous city in Canada, Montreal, which is renowned for its multiculturalism, is also located in Quebec.

    The Quebec an economy has been flourishing recently, generating a sizable workforce and several job prospects. In addition to being more inexpensive than the property and rental markets in Toronto and Vancouver, Quebec’s urban centers are a more desirable location for some people.

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      How would one enter Quebec?

      Quebec is one of the best places to immigrate to Canada for many reasons. The Quebec Skilled Worker Program is one of the best and easiest ways to move to Canada.

      How does Quebec immigration work?

      The process of immigration to Quebec is distinct from the screening standards used by the Government of Canada. The Quebec immigration system should be utilized by families and individuals who desire to live in the province of Quebec as permanent legal residents.

      Quebec immigration applications undergo a two-step procedure. They need to first be qualified for and receive a Quebec Selection Certificate (also known as a CSQ). This significant document confirms the applicant’s selection to relocate to Quebec.

      Secondly, owners of authorized CSQs may submit an application to the federal government for permanent residency in Canada.

      Instead of the individual’s wealth generation, abilities, and experience considerations, which the Quebec government has already accepted, the federal government is largely focused on healthcare and crime problems. Some immigrants may be able to file for a Quebec-based working visa before submitting a request to the federal government, allowing them to continue working in Quebec while their federal application is being processed. For more information, see this page.

      It should be highlighted that although Quebec retains authority over the choice of economic immigrants to the region, continuous admissions of Family Class applications and in-Canada refugee claims may also occur. The capacity of economic migrants to speak French varies depending on the program and the person’s special situation.

      French proficiency is not a screening criterion for non-economic migrants.

      All candidates for permanent residency through Quebec immigration programs must demonstrate their familiarity with the province’s values. You can achieve this by passing an exam on Quebec values or finishing a course on Quebec values.

      Through the economic programs, which are detailed below, there are several ways to obtain a CSQ.

      Quebec Visa Programs for immigrants

      A number of immigration programs are available in Quebec. Simply click on the program name to view the entire criteria and procedure for that program.

      Quebec immigration: worker and graduate programs
      Quebec Skilled Worker Program

      Workers who can prove they can benefit Quebec’s workforce may immigrate under the Quebec Skilled Worker Program. Any candidate may submit an application. This doesn’t need any work experience, particularly in Quebec.

      To choose just the most competitive applicants, QSW, like Express Entry, employs a points-based scoring system. Age, French and/or English language proficiency, Quebec experience, and other factors all go into the QSW scoring system (education, job offers, etc.). It could be simpler for applicants with those types of expertise, thus interested and eligible candidates must realize that French-language competence and ties to Quebec are handsomely rewarded under this scoring system.

      Arima, the online application site for Quebec immigration, is used to administer and choose applicants for the Quebec Skilled Worker program.

      Quebec Experience Program

      The Quebec Experience Program, as its name suggests, is an immigration program for applicants who have prior experience in Quebec, either as workers or foreign students (or both).

      Applicants for the PEQ must additionally demonstrate intermediate-level proficiency in French language proficiency.

      PEQ may be the right approach for Quebec immigration if you possess previous employment experience or studied in Quebec

      Quebec immigration pilot program for workers in artificial intelligence, information technology, and visual effects

      For individuals in the AI, IT, and VFX sectors who are either employed in Quebec or have received an offer of employment from a Quebec business, this immigration pilot program offers a route to permanent residency. Both a channel for French speakers and a channel for non-French speakers are available on this program. 

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      How easy is it to immigrate to Quebec?

      Quebec is one of the best places to immigrate to Canada for many reasons. The Quebec Skilled Worker Program is one of the best and easiest ways to move to Canada.

      Quebec immigration pilot program for food processing workers

      Professionals in the industries of food processing, who are employed by the company in Quebec have a road to permanent resident status thanks to this immigration pilot program. Applicants must be able to speak French at an advanced-intermediate level in order to be considered.

      Quebec immigration pilot program for orderlies

      For assistants, nurses’ aides, and health care workers who are directly employed in Quebec, this visa pilot program offers a route to permanent residence. Applicants must be able to speak French at an advanced-intermediate level in order to be considered.

      Immigration to Quebec: Quebec business immigration
      Quebec Immigrant Investor Program

      Among the few existing investment-based visa schemes in Canada is the Quebec Immigrant Investor Program.

      For rich individuals prepared to make a sizable investment in the province, the Quebec Immigrant Investor Program is available.

      Candidates must deposit a minimum of CAD$1.2 million and possess a personal net value of at least CAD$2 million to be eligible for the program. 

      Quebec Entrepreneur Program

      For seasoned business professionals interested in starting a new company in Quebec or buying an existing one, there is the Quebec Entrepreneur Program. Candidates must exhibit ownership and/or management expertise in a firm as well as have the resources or outside interests necessary to launch their venture in Quebec.

      Quebec Self-Employed Program

      For self-employed people who live and work in Quebec, there is a program called Quebec Self-Employer. Not all independent contractors will be qualified for the program because of its extremely strict standards. You need to be self-employed for at least two years and have $100,000 in minimum net worth in Canadian dollars.

      Questions and Answers regarding Quebec immigration

      The most frequent inquiries we receive from our neighborhood regarding immigration to Quebec are listed below.

      Worker immigration to Quebec is accomplished in two steps. You must first submit an application to the Quebec government for approval by its immigration department. You should then file a new application to Canada’s federal immigration officials if Quebec grants your request.

      After you have successfully completed the first stage of the procedure, the Quebec immigration authorities will issue you a Quebec Selection Certificate (Certificate de selection du Québec, or CSQ). You could then send your application to the federal level when you have the CSQ.

      The Quebec Skilled Worker Program manages and chooses immigration applicants through the internet portal known as Arrima. The site utilized by the federal Express Entry system is comparable. Applicants can develop and submit profiles on Arrima to be taken into consideration for QSW. Within Arrima, suitable individuals are immediately graded and compared to each other.

      No. Express Entry is not an initiative in Quebec. In reality, an Express Entry individual’s application might be rejected if they state that they intend to live in Quebec.

      No. The Provincial Nominee Program does not exist for immigration in Quebec (PNP). Although the immigration system in Quebec can appear to be comparable to other PNPs, it is actually a totally different immigration system.

      No, although knowing French could really help with your Quebec immigration application.

      However, competency in French is a requirement for the Quebec Experience Program (PEQ).

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