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Shipping from Abroad to Canada

Planning your physical move to Canada? If yes, you're in the right place. International shipping to Canada can include shipping the entirety of your household belongings or a few specific things like sporting equipment or a painting. While you could purchase extra checked baggage for clothes and smaller items, you might want to consider your international shipping options for bigger and bulkier items, and know what to expect at customs.

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    Shipping Your Possessions to Canada

    Considering making a move to Canada physically? If so, you are in the proper location. Your complete home’s contents may be shipped internationally to Canada, or just a few specialized items like art or sports equipment. While you could buy more checked luggage for clothes and other smaller items, you might want to think about your alternatives for shipping larger and bulkier items internationally and be aware of what to expect at customs.

    Customs Charges

    All foreign shipments to Canada must be approved by customs, just like with any other nation. This calls for you to declare both the worth of the products you’re exporting to Canada as well as their contents, including their make, model, and serial number, if applicable.

    The amount of tax and duty that must be charged to your items will subsequently be determined by the Canadian authorities. Most items costing $20 or more will be taxed and duty-charged. Any import with a value greater than $20 CAD is subject to the five percent Goods and Services Tax (GST), which is imposed automatically. A Provincial Sales Tax (PST) is additionally due if you want to relocate to British Columbia, Manitoba, Quebec, or Saskatchewan.

    Note: The majority of international shipping providers give you the necessary customs declaration in advance so you can fill it out, print it, sign it, and include it with your package.

    Items That Are Duty- and Tax-Free Imports

    When migrating to Canada with the purpose of staying there for a year or longer, you must have bought, possessed, and utilized the goods overseas before coming to Canada in order to import their duty- and tax-free.

    What you can include in your duty and tax-free entitlement:
    1. clothing and linen;
    2. furniture;
    3. appliances;
    4. furnishings;
    5. silverware;
    6. jewelry;
    7. antiques;
    8. family heirlooms;
    9. private collections of coins, stamps, and art;
    10. personal computers;
    11. books;
    12. musical instruments;
    13. personal computers;
    14. hobby tools and other hobby items;
    15. personal vehicles;
    16. hobby tools and other hobby items;
    17. pleasure boats and the trailers to carry them (trailers are subject to Transport Canada requirements);
    18. mobile trailers, no more than 2.6 meters (9 feet) wide, that the owner is capable of moving on his or her own;
    19. utility trailers;
    20. motor homes;
    21. private aircraft; and
    22. tool sheds or garages that do not attach to or form part of a dwelling.
    What Sorts of International Shipments Can I Use for Canada?
    Sea Freight

    The cheapest way to transfer your possessions abroad is typically through sea freight container shipping. When you choose sea freight over air freight, you will save a lot of money, but the waiting period is much longer. Your items may take up to three months to arrive in Canada. Ask if your possessions will be delivered directly to your door or if you need to make arrangements for transportation from the port.

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    Air Freight

    Although air freight is a significantly speedier way to transfer your items, it is more expensive because it is often charged by weight and volume. Your items won’t always show up at your door, that much is certain. This is dependent upon your shipping provider and the services they provide.

    Is Shipping to Canada Expensive?

    There are two significant fees to consider when it comes to international shipping to Canada. the service charge for international shipping business and the import duty. For CAD $201 to Canada, My Baggage, for instance, gives a 30kg weight allowance per item. However, the cost of sending your goods to Canada varies from business to business, depending on the alternatives you select for shipping as well as the size and/or weight of your goods.

    What Items May I Not Ship to Canada?

    Some things are forbidden, while the Canadian government has jurisdiction over others. To send restricted products, including consumer goods like food and plants, you might need to obtain import permission. For your pet, you might also need to obtain an import permit. Among the other things that are categorically forbidden from entering Canada are secondhand mattresses and baby walkers.

    What Else You Need to Know

    You will require a visa if you intend to move to Canada in order to work or remain there on a long-term basis. It can be difficult to determine which of the more than 100 visa programs you are eligible for.

    Fortunately, there are organizations like Canada Immigration Global that can assist you in finding the ideal visa for your intended stay and take care of all the intricate paperwork on your behalf. Simply complete the form below to begin working with qualified specialists on your visa application.

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