Agri-Food Immigration Pilot System
Canada Agri-Food Immigration Pilot System
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    Canadian Agri-Food Immigration Programs- A Guide!

    An essential sector of the Canadian economy, the agricultural and agri-food sector generates more than $110 billion in gross national product each year.

    The purpose of the Agri-Food Immigration Pilot is to offer qualified temporary foreign employees in the industry a road to permanent residence in Canada. Each year, up to 2,750 applications can be received.

    Eligible Jobs for the Agri-Food Immigration Pilot Program

    The following professions and sectors fall under the Agri-Food Immigration Pilot:

    • retail butcher
    • meat processing
    • industrial butcher
    • food processing laborer
    • general farm worker for year-round mushroom production, greenhouse crop production, or livestock raising
    • harvesting laborer for year-round mushroom production and greenhouse crop production
    • farm supervisor and specialized livestock worker for meat processing

    Pilot Program for Agri-Food Immigration: Eligibility Requirements

    To be taken into consideration for Canadian permanent residency under the Agri-Food Immigration Pilot, applicants with expertise in the aforementioned professions must also satisfy the following qualifying criteria.

    • twelve months of non-seasonal, full-time employment in Canada in one of the approved professions under the Temporary Foreign Worker Program.
    • an offer of employment for an indefinite period for full-time, non-seasonal work in Canada, outside of Quebec, at or above the going rate, 
    • a Canadian Language Benchmark level 4 in English or French, 
    • the foreign equivalent of a high school degree or higher.

    Pilot Program for Agri-Food Immigration: 2-year LMIA for Employers

    A two-year Labour Market Impact Assessment will be provided to eligible companies in the industry of meat processing who participate in the trial (LMIA).

    Meat processors must describe how they would help the temporary foreign worker get permanent status in order to be considered for the program.

    According to the IRCC, in order to preserve the labor market and migrant workers, unionized meat processors will need a support letter from their union, while non-unionized meat processors would need to meet extra conditions.

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