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Express Entry: Step-by-Step Guide

Canada Express Entry Ultimate Guide! For a lot of skilled workers who desire to come to Canada as Permanent Residents, Express Entry is the fastest way to reach that dream.

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    Express Entry: The Ultimate Guide

    The best option for obtaining permanent status in Canada is probably Express Entry. Due to its rapid processing timeframes, emphasis on maintaining intact families, and amazing chances it can offer applicants, the Canadian Express Entry system is among the most well-liked immigration programs for talented foreign workers.

    The Canadian Express Entry System: What is it?

    In order to help skilled foreign workers and their families immigrate to Canada permanently as soon as possible, Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), a department of the Canadian government, launched the Express Entry system in 2015. The Canadian economy is in dire need of talented people in a variety of jobs and businesses across the country because the Express Entry processing time is as little as six months. The Canadian government is now on track to deliver 431,645 immigrants with a permanent residency by the end of 2022, according to its website. These were provided in large part using the Express Entry program.

    How exactly does Canada's Express Entry system operate?

    Applicants must set up an Express Entry profile in order to be considered for permanent residency through Express Entry Canada. They must fill out the following precise information about themselves in order to build this profile:

    • Age
    • Education
    • Language Skills
    • Work experience
    • Marital Status
    • Links to Canada

    A CRS score is generated using these details in the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) calculation. These factors, together with the following, are used to determine this score, which is out of 1200:

    • Transferable Skills
    • French Language Proficiency
    • If they had completed any post-secondary education in Canada
    • if they have a job offer from Canada
    • if they are nominated by their province

    A candidate is added to an Express Entry pool once their score has been determined. There is an Express Entry draw every two weeks, and everyone who scored higher than a particular level receives an Invitation to Apply (ITA) for Canadian permanent residency. Based on the size and intensity of the Express Entry pool at the time of each draw, the minimal requirements may change.

    Follow The Most Recent Express Entry Draw

    It is crucial that all applicants be informed about the outcomes of the most recent Express Entry drawings. This serves as both a way to inform candidates of the state of their Express Entry profiles and a way to track the evolution of the score criteria.

    An applicant will have 60 days from the time they receive their ITA to submit all required supporting documents, pay processing charges, and complete their final Canada Express Entry application in order to become a permanent resident of Canada. The applicant should get their permanent resident card in as little as six months if there are no problems.

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    Different Express Entry Programs:

    There are three programs that make up the Express Entry system. The following are these programs:

    Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP)

    Only skilled professionals with a degree or equivalent from a reputable academic institution are eligible for this program. Look through our comprehensive guide to discover more about the FSWP, the standards for eligibility, and the application process.

    Federal Skilled Trades Program (FSTP)

    Only qualified tradesmen with a recognized diploma or certified job-specific training in their profession are eligible for this program. Here is a thorough explanation of FSTP and how to apply it.

    Canadian Experience Class (CEC)

    This program is designed primarily for skilled individuals who have spent at least 12 months continuously residing and working in Canada on a study permit, work permit, or working holiday visa. Take a look at this page for a detailed explanation if you have lived in Canada for that amount of time and believe you would qualify for the CEC.

    How to Apply for Canada Express Entry?

    You can divide your path to permanent residence into five steps.

    Verify Your Eligibility

    Verifying your eligibility for the program of your choice is the first and most important step in the Canada Express Entry application process.

    The qualifications for each Express Entry Program vary, however in order to be considered for any Express Entry Program, there might be a few eligibility necessities.

    Professional Experience

    A candidate must possess a minimum of one year of continuous, full-time skilled work experience (or the equivalent number of part-time hours) to be eligible for an Express Entry Program.

    It is frequently necessary for an applicant to obtain a National Occupational Classification in order for the IRCC to accept their work history as valid (NOC). There is a unique NOC code for each occupation. Here’s a brief explanation of the NOC’s operation so you can find your NOC Code.

    The IRCC typically grants ITAs to people with in-demand positions, even if they have somewhat lower CRS scores than people whose employment isn’t in demand because some jobs are in very high demand in Canada. Here is a list of the most in-demand careers in Canada for your convenience.

    Language Skills

    Candidates for Express Entry must have a minimum Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) score of seven in either English or French, the two official languages of Canada. Multiple tests are accepted by the CLB for each language. Based on the outcomes of their language tests, applicants’ CLBs are calculated. There are two tests for English: the Canadian English Language Proficiency Index Program and the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) (CELPIP). There are two tests for French: the Test de Connaissance du Français and the Test d’Evaluation de Français (TEF) (TCF).


    The candidate must have completed a post-secondary degree that has been evaluated by an Educational Credential Assessment as being comparable to Canadian norms (ECA). Here is a helpful guide that walks you through each step of the application process so that your credentials are properly assessed if you want to know what an ECA is and how to obtain one.

    Participants in the FSTP and those who intend to work in regulated professions like medicine might need to have their education and training evaluated by a Canadian government body.

    A Criminal History

    The candidate should possess no prior criminal history, as demonstrated by a clean police background check.

    Medical Certificate

    Candidates must demonstrate good health through a medical examination conducted by a licensed medical expert. This is done to make sure that Canada’s public health system isn’t under undue strain.

    Travel Documents

    To file an Express Entry profile, all applicants must possess a genuine and valid travel document, such as a passport. All of the applicants’ documents must be current for the duration of the Express Entry process. The IRCC will request valid documentation from the applicant if a document is found to be invalid. The processing time for Express Entry will be greatly increased as a result of this.

    Figure Out Your CRS Score

    Calculating your CRS score is an excellent idea once you’ve confirmed your eligibility before submitting your application. You may predict with certainty how well you’ll perform in the upcoming Express Entry draws by knowing your CRS score. The CRS calculator provided by the Canadian government, which is available on their website, is the finest tool for this.

    Assemble your documents

    It’s time to construct your Express Entry profile after you’ve confirmed your eligibility and improved your CRS score. To do that, though, you must put together a number of documents that appropriately portray your information. Having your documents sourced before applying is also beneficial.

    You will only have 60 days from the time you receive your ITA to find all of them. The required paperwork is as follows:

    • Classification of National Occupations (NOC)
    • Education credential assessment report
    • Passports
    • Recent language exams; evidence that there are sufficient funds for the settlement
    • Take a look at this step-by-step explanation to determine how much money you need to obtain permanent residency.
    • warrants from the police;
    • results of a medical examination performed by licensed medical practitioners;
    • Your work history is validated by employment letters from prior companies.
    • a job offer from Canada (If you have one)
    • PNP Nomination (If you have one)
    Make a Profile for Express Entry.

    Register your Express Entry profile on the Canadian government website if you have all of your required papers and are pleased with your CRS score. The Canadian government makes an effort to make the procedure as simple as possible.

    Get an ITA, pay the fees, and apply.

    Once your Express Entry profile is finished, you should follow each Express Entry draw to determine the eligibility requirements and whether you’ll be granted your ITA. You will be informed on your profile if you do get an ITA. You have 60 days from the time you receive your ITA to pay your processing fees and turn in any supporting documents.



    Application Processing Fee


    Right of Permanent Residence Fee (RPRF)


    Include a dependent child (per child)


    If you are bringing a partner with you, you must pay processing fees for both of you since each adult is required to pay their own fees. So, bearing all of that in mind, if you’re qualified, joining the Express Entry program may prove to be a quick and straightforward process. Prior to applying, it’s crucial to ensure that you are fully prepared to move to Canada.

    What is a Provincial Nominee Program?

    A Provincial Nominee Scheme (PNP) is both a legitimate immigration program in and of itself and a way to raise your CRS score by as many as 600 points. You will effectively receive your ITA at the following draw if you do this.

    As the Canadian workforce in some regions is unable to fill all of the openings in the labor market, these jurisdictions need immigrant employees with a variety of skill sets. As a result, PNPs are provided in 11 of Canada’s 13 provinces. You must reside and work in the province that nominated you in order to get a provincial nomination. Whether or not you are nominated mostly relies on your line of work and how popular it is in that province.

    Is Express Entry open in Canada?

    Yes, because there was such a large backlog of candidates that needed to be processed, the Canadian Federal Government did impose restrictions at the start of the pandemic. However, on July 6, 2022, Express entry draws were reopened, and since then, draws have occurred roughly every two weeks.

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