Permanent Resident Card
Permanent Resident Card
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    Canadian Permanent Resident Card

    A permanent resident card can be obtained if an applicant has been granted permanent residence in Canada (PR card). The PR card has a normal lifespan of five years, but in extremely uncommon circumstances, it might only have one year left. An acceptable travel document for accessing Canada’s boundaries is this certificate. It is suggested that permanent residents get their PR card because it enables them to travel outside of Canada and provide identification if required.

    Once your PR period ends, your position as a permanent resident does not. A person’s PR status can only be revoked through a formal process.

    Your PR status is still in force although you don’t fulfill the residency requirement up until a formal decision has been made on your status.

    Permanent residents who reside outside of Canada and do not have valid PR cards can qualify for a permanent resident travel document to enter Canada (PRTD). The PRTD will make it easier for the person to visit Canada so they can submit a new or renewed PR card there.

    Application for Permanent Resident Card

    No PR card application is required for newly arrived permanent residents. When they move to Canada and establish their Canadian postal address, they will instantly receive a PR card in the mail. Only those who fit one of the standard procedures are capable of applying for a PR card:

    • Your PR card is outdated or will expire in much less than 9 months; 
    • It was lost, destroyed, or stolen; 
    • You officially changed your identity and have to update your PR card. 
    • You didn’t obtain your PR card between 180 days after arriving to Canada.
    • Submissions for PR cards should be delivered in a physical copy to one of the IRCC’s designated Case Processing Centers.

    Previously known as the Maple Leaf Card, the Canadian permanent resident identification card. This is due to the printed maple leaf on the card, which served as Canada’s national emblem.

    Quick processing

    The Canadian government may be able to hasten the issuance of a permanent residence card in certain circumstances.

    You must be traveling within the following three months in order to be eligible for urgent permanent residence card processing:

    • A job opening, 
    • your own terrible illness, 
    • the death in the family, 
    • work connected to your current position, 
    • or a family member’s significant illness.

    Remember that even if a person qualifies for the emergency process, the Canadian government cannot ensure that requests will be handled quickly or that PR cards will arrive on schedule. Keeping a current PR card on hand is therefore advised in case of need.

    You might be considering applying for a permanent resident card if your PR card’s validity period is about to expire and you haven’t yet filed for Canadian citizenship.

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