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    A Canadian Study Permit: Complete Guide!

    Over 130,000 students visit Canada each year to pursue their studies. They must acquire a study permit from the Canadian government in order to do this. This permit, which is a kind of Temporary Resident Visa (TRV), usually includes information on the school and program of study the student is enrolled in. It allows them to study temporarily in Canada. An applicant must meet a specific set of conditions in order to be eligible.

    Prerequisites for Canadian Study Permits and New Regulations for International Students

    You must: in order to be eligible for a study permit.

    • Ensure a supervisor that you will depart Canada after your studies are complete.
    • own a letter of acceptance from a university
    • Show that you have the funds necessary to cover your living expenses while you are in Canada, as well as the costs of any supporting family members.
    • Be law-abiding and have no prior convictions
    • not pose a threat to Canada’s security
    • possess a healthy body (complete a medical examination, if required)

    Canada Requirements for Student Visas 2022

    For people wishing to immigrate to Canada in order to pursue their studies, there are a number of eligibility requirements. The prerequisites for Canadian study visas are as follows:

    • Your enrollment at a designated learning institution is required (DLI).
    • You must demonstrate that you have the funds to cover your living expenses, tuition, and return transportation.
    • You need to follow the law, be blameless, and obtain a police certificate (if required).
    • You must get a medical examination and be in good health (if required).
    • When your study permission expires, you must show an officer that you will depart Canada.

    What If You Get Turned Down?

    A candidate may be rejected for a variety of reasons. He or she might be unable to provide documentation proving they have the necessary cash or that their presence is simply temporary. If this occurs, it’s critical to carefully examine the program to determine what went wrong. From here, assuming all problems are resolved, a person may be able to reapply and frequently succeed the second time around.

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      Resources for Future Learners

      If you want to study in Canada, you must first obtain a letter of acceptance from a university, which requires you to submit a separate application. Canada has many institutions that provide excellent opportunities for higher education. Here, we’ve selected a few possibilities to use as a jumping-off point when choosing where to apply.

      From a Student Visa to Permanent Residency

      Many foreign students who study in Canada ultimately intend to find employment and live there permanently. Students could be qualified for permanent residency under some Express Entry categories even though they lack any job history. However, it is typical for students to first seek employment and then a temporary work visa.

      The Student Direct Stream application process (SDS)

      The Student Direct Stream (SDS), which facilitates quicker and more effective study permit processing, is available to international individuals from a selected list of nations.

      Permit for Post-Graduate Work after Online Courses

      With the Post-Graduate Work Permit Program, foreign students have the chance to work in Canada for up to three years following graduation. This temporary policy, which allows graduates to apply for the PGWP even with online courses, was made public due to the coronavirus.

      Canadian study permit processing times

      This is mostly influenced by the applicant’s place of residence. A Canadian student visa usually takes 1 to 16 weeks to process.

      The conversion of a visitor visa into a student visa

      If you are a visitor to Canada, you may apply for a student visa while you are there.

      If you currently reside in Canada and one of the following applies, you may be eligible to apply:

      • you possess an active work or study permit
      • you finished a short-term course or program necessary to be accepted at a DLI 
      • your common-law partner, spouse, or parent holds a valid study or work permit 
      • your minor kid is enrolled in primary or secondary school, exchange students, or visiting students
      • You are being sponsored for immigration and have previously submitted an application for permanent residence with your spouse, common-law partner, or dependant child. 
      • You have a temporary resident permit (TRP) that is valid for at least six months.
      • a non-removal order is against you or your spouse, common-law partner, or 
      • You are a refugee applicant in Canada or a close relative of refugee claimants in Canada. 

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