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Complete Guide for Canadian PNP

how to immigrate to Canada through a Provincial Nominee Program, you must learn about what each province has to offer in terms of infrastructure, industries available, weather and life-style.

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    A Guide To Canada’s Provincial Nominee Program

    In 2023, Canada hopes to receive up to 86,000 immigrants through its Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs). There are more than 40 provincial nomination programs in Canada that let participating provinces and territories recommend applicants for Canadian permanent residents who qualify for economic immigration. Find out more about the various Provincial Nominee Program categories for fascinating additional entry points to Canada.

    The Provincial Nominee Programs in Canada

    The Canadian federal government and provinces possess an agreement that enables them to nominate immigrants who wish to go to that province and live, work, and generally come to Canada. The applicant must pick the province they want to live in and then file for a nomination in order to be eligible for a visa under the Provincial Nominee Programs (PNP). The province will then rank your application in light of its labor and immigration needs as well as your sincere interest to live and work in the province. Canadian immigration plays a major part in the majority of provinces’ efforts to support an ageing population while simultaneously bolstering local economies and advancing critical industries.

    11 Provincial Nomination Programs in Canada
    An explanation of the Provincial Nominee Program

    Most Canadian provinces have established Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs) that permit faster immigration processing in accordance with provincial needs. PNP programs often fall into one of two categories.

    The skilled worker PNP is the first type. Through this program, qualified people who have an offer of employment from a local provincial company in a profession or industry that satisfies regional needs would be able to move through the hiring process more quickly. Some PNP streams might also need the following eligibility:

    • Having a job offer from a local firm, working in the province or territory, 
    • being adaptable, and 
    • having family members who live in the province are all positive factors.

    A corporate immigration program is the second category of the program. The majority of PNPs for corporate immigration permit quicker immigration processing if the eligible candidates get some variations of any of the below-mentioned provinces:

    • creates a new company, 
    • makes an investment, or
    • joins to work with a regional company.

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    Timeline to process PNP applications

    The very first step in the application process for the Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) is for the province to approve the application. This initial phase is typically finished fast. According to the province, the processing time can be anything from two weeks to nine months. 

    Following PNP clearance, the next stage is federal permission, which still necessitates police, medical, and security checks. This almost takes 6 to 8 months, even though it may take longer depending on the situation of each case. Following PNP nomination, the PNP can help the candidate swiftly secure a work visa so they can immigrate to Canada.

    How Does the PNP Operate?

    There exist two options for the candidates to apply for their desired PNP, for the Permanent Residence:

    • Direct application to a  province or territory
    • The PNP associated with Express Entry
    Process for Direct Applications

    If a candidate wants to go for direct applications, they can send a paper application for a PNP nomination directly to the preferred province. This can be done through mail or courier. Finding out the progress of the application can take anywhere between 15 and 19 months because this is typically a lengthy procedure.

    Process for Applying for Express Entry

    There are two ways to go the Express Entry-linked route:

    • Expression of Interest: You have the option to indicate that you are interested in a certain province or territory when you establish your Express Entry profile. If you meet their requirements for experience and talents, a province may choose your profile from the Express Entry draw pool and send you a nomination; alternatively
    • Provincial Nominee linked Express Entry Stream: almost all Canadian provinces got this stream as well as a list of in-demand professions.

    Here, the advantages include a quicker processing time—typically six to eight months—and a better likelihood of receiving an Invitation to Apply (ITA) for permanent residency.

    Express Entry and PNPs

    The majority of provinces and territories have had visa programs that are in line with the Federal Express Entry system since it came into force in early 2015. These “enhanced” nominations give candidates up to 600 more Comprehensive Ranking Procedure (CRS) points through the Express Entry system.

    It’s very important to know that a provincial nomination is the CRS’s most important component. The CRS gives applicants a score out of 1,200, and this mark decides whether applicants will get an Invitation to Apply (ITA) for permanent residency under Express Entry.

    The CRS cut-off score for the majority of PNP streams is lower than it is for ordinary Express Entry draws. Let’s take an example, Alberta has the lowest CRS score requirement of 300, so merely being nominated would almost probably ensure that you obtain an (ITA) at the ensuing pool draw.

    It is vital to keep in mind that you must first build an Express Entry profile in order to use the Express Entry immigration route to Canada under an enhanced PNP stream.

    An Overview of the Provincial Nominee Program
    • Select a PNP as per your interest.
    • Find your eligibility for the PNP
    • Either apply through the Express Entry linked PNP or directly through the PNP
    • Submit your Expression Of Interest
    • Submit your application
    • Get your Receive of Permanent Residence (CoPR)
    Can I submit a PNP application while the coronavirus pandemic is ongoing?

    You can, indeed. However, in order to function during the epidemic, a number of provincial departments in Canada had to make short-term modifications. For instance, the British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program (BC PNP) continues to run weekly draws, but now excludes jobs in industries that have been severely impacted, like hospitality, tourism, and retail.

    Nominees can now request a six-month extension through the Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program (SINP) in order to submit an application to the federal government for permanent residency.

    The Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program (MPNP) will have the ability to count applicants’ non-consecutive job experience toward their eligibility, increasing their chances of immigration.

    Are Canada's PNP disadvantageous?

    The processing period is the only real drawback of submitting an application through a Provincial Nominee Program. Your permanent residence visa application may be processed in 6 to 19 months.

    Which province attracts the most foreign workers?

    According to data gathered from different Canadian provinces, Ontario was the most popular jurisdiction for foreign workers to enter via a PNP. Saskatchewan was the most favored province, with British Columbia coming in second.

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