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    Canada Express Entry Stream

    Canada offers many visa programs to make immigration easier for everyone. And out of those hundreds of programs, the Express Entry stream is the quickest and easiest way to move to Canada.

    It grants permission to all categories of immigrants to have a chance at immigration. But that doesn’t mean it has no rules. In fact, the Express entry stream has a long list of rules and sub-categories. So, this guide will help you understand the Canadian Express Entry system in a better way.

    The Canadian Express Entry stream was first introduced in the year 2015 as a pilot program. But later through the years, it became one of the most popular programs among families and individuals who wanted to move to Canada quickly. It is also one of the biggest drives for selecting skilled workers for the country. 

    What do you mean by Express Entry Canada?

    The Express Entry system is an online system that is set up by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), to process and effectively manage immigration applications through three Federal Immigration programs:

    • Federal Skilled Worker Program
    • Canadian Experience Class
    • Federal Skilled Trades Program

    It is a points-based system that ranks the candidates in the pool using various criteria such as age, educational qualifications, work experience, job offer, etc. The point system used here is known as the Comprehensive Ranking System or CRS score.

    The candidates having the highest scores in the pool receive the Invitations to Apply for the Canadian PR Visa. Express Entry makes Canadian immigration possible within just 3-6 months of time

    An explanation of how Express Entry Canada operates in detail

    1. Identify Eligibility: 

    Candidates for Express Entry must be qualified through one of the aforementioned federal economic immigration schemes.

    • The Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSW);
    • The Canadian Experience Class (CEC); or
    • The Federal Skilled Trades Program (FST).

    Although Express Entry is integrated into some Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs), applicants must still qualify for one of the three federal programs in order to be considered for the Express Entry pool.

    All applicants must have at minimum a year of professional job experience and a specific level of competence on an authorized language test in either English or French, while the qualifying criteria for each Express Entry-aligned program vary.

    Additionally, Canada checks all Express Entry candidates for any medical conditions and criminal histories that would bar them from entering the country.

    2. Create an Express Entry profile: 

    Those who qualify must add a resume to the pool of applicants using Express Entry. A declaration of interest is made using the Express Entry profile (EOI). The pool of applicants will be rated against one another, and qualified applicants will immediately earn a score based on their description.

    The Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) is the foundation for Express Entry’s ranking, which is based on a scale of 1 to 1. By working to raise their CRS ratings, candidates can move through the ranks. The chance that an applicant will get an Express Entry Invitation to Apply increases with their CRS score.

    In Express Entry drawings, a cutoff point based on the CRS score is applied. Its goal is to forecast a candidate’s chances of achieving economic success in Canada.

    It rates candidates according to a variety of criteria, including their educational and professional backgrounds, language proficiency, and whether or not they have already been nominated by a Canadian province or obtained a qualifying job offer.

    Candidates for Express Entry may be eligible for extra credits if they have a legitimate work offer from a Canadian employer, have been nominated by a province, or meet certain other requirements.

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      Calculator for Express Entry eligibility and CRS

      You can verify your qualification for Express Entry and prospective CRS points total with our Express Entry CRS Calculator without providing any personal contact details.

      3. Create a profile for a job bank (optional): 

      Candidates for Express Entry who do not yet have a job offer or a province candidacy can enroll in the Canada Job Bank, a free tool used by Canadian employers to find and hire people with the necessary abilities. Prior to June 2017, this step had to be taken; however, it is now optional.

      4. Obtain an invitation to apply (ITA): 

      Every so often, Express Entry drawings are held by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) (usually every two weeks). Candidates who score higher in these Express Entry drawings are asked to submit applications for Canadian permanent residency. A candidate’s account will lapse after 12 months if they are not accepted, during which point they can reapply.

      5. Raise your CRS score: 

      Applicants in the Express Entry pool who haven’t been chosen yet are given the opportunity to raise their visibility and score in the system. They can accomplish this by sending in fresh, updated data.

      Examples include improved language proficiency, evaluations of educational qualifications, the addition of more work experience, and/or the achievement of a provincial nomination or a job offer that qualifies. See our advice for raising your CRS rating.

      6. Submit your permanent residency application: 

      If you get an Express Entry Invitation to Apply (ITA), you will have 60 days to submit a full permanent residency application. You must provide a significant amount of personal data in this form, along with accompanying paperwork. Electronic submission is used for the entire application.

      immigrate through express entry

      Important Things Needed To Create Your Express Entry Profile

      You need three key documents to be able to complete your Express Entry profile. The first thing you must do if you’re engaged in Express Entry is to get these three documents:

      Language Test: 

      All Express Entry applicants are required to pass a language test in either English or French. You must upload your profile with official test results from an authorized language test. The three Express Entry-aligned programs have different minimum needed scores.

      You have the choice between taking the CELPIP General exam or the IELTS General Training exam to demonstrate your English language skills. The TEF exam or the TCF exam is your choices if you wish to demonstrate your competence in French.


      The Educational Credentials Assessment (ECA) measures non-Canadian schooling according to Canadian norms. Importantly, education is only a necessity for the Federal Skilled Worker Program, but as academia is a significant factor in the CRS score, it is advised that FST and CEC applicants also submit an ECA report. For educational programs completed in Canada, an ECA is not necessary.


      To create an Express Entry profile, you must have a current passport. In extremely rare circumstances where obtaining a passport is not an option, alternate forms of identity may be approved.

      Things to keep in mind while applying for Express Entry Canada

      You are able to submit a formal application for permanent residency if you are given the invitation to apply. Completely online, this application must be filled out and submitted. The following considerations should be made with regard to the last permanent residency application:

      You might have to provide evidence of the settlement cash.

      All FSW and FST applicants must show they have the financial resources necessary to maintain themselves and their families while settling in Canada. Candidates that have a legitimate work offer in Canada and CEC candidates are excluded from these criteria.

      Job Offer is important! 

      Many people who are employed in Canada on LMIA-exempt work visas, such as IEC Working Holiday Visas, get the misperception that the “job offer” they get from their company equates to what IRCC deems a legitimate employment offer for Express Entry.

      When you see “valid job offer,” it signifies that the position satisfies a number of Express Entry-specific requirements. Learn more about the requirements for a job offer to be accepted by Express Entry.

      Everything from your Express Entry profile is transferred.

      Do you realize the true repercussions of lying about a few months of job experience on your Express Entry profile? You’re about to get a big surprise, though.

      The vast majority of the crucial information you submit to your Express Entry profile is instantly sent to your digital Permanent Residence (PR) application. At this point, any modifications you make could compromise your application.

      Therefore, it’s critical to think carefully before entering anything for the first time. To back up the assertions you’ve made, paperwork will be requested of you.

      A serious felony that carries a five-year suspension from Canada is cheating on an immigration application.

      Obtain your Educational Credential Assessment (ECA) now if you are an FST or CEC Express Entry applicant!

      You must still complete the ECA even though it is not necessary for FST and CEC. Scores often rise sharply once the ECA is finished and uploaded to an Express Entry profile. Therefore, start the ECA procedure as soon as you can if you’re an FST or CEC candidate with a post-secondary credential.

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      Immigrate to Canada Fast and Easy

      The Canada Immigration Global Express Entry Application Service will get you in to the pool quickly and with a profile that gives you the best chance of being selected. Find out if you are eligible for our Express Entry Service.

      How many points are required to enter Canada via Express Entry?

      The optimal way to respond to this query is in two parts: prior to entering the Express Entry pool and after entering the pool.

      Before entering the Express Entry pool

      The Federal Skilled Trades Program (FST), the Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSW), and the Canadian Experience Class are also the three Canadian immigration programs via which you may qualify for Express Entry immigration to Canada before entering the pool (CEC).

      The CEC program is for individuals with recent skilled Canadian work experience, while the FST program is for certified tradespeople with current experience in a designated profession.

      Candidates are not required to meet a point’s requirement by the FST program or the CEC in order to be able to submit a profile.

      The FSW program, however, is accessible to everyone who meets the minimal point need and lives anywhere in the world. Please take note that this point system is entirely distinct from the CRS score.

      You must receive at least 67 out of a possible 100 points underneath the FSW points grid in order to be eligible for the Express Entry pool.

      After entering the Express Entry pool

      Candidates obtain a CRS score in the Express Entry pool regardless of the program for which they are qualified. An individual candidate’s position in the Express Entry pool is determined by this score.

      This score serves as the primary criterion for choosing which applicants are invited to the Express Entry lottery conducted by the IRCC.

      How long does it take to get a visa through Express Entry in Canada?

      A method called Express Entry was created to facilitate quick immigration to Canada. The whole procedure could take six months or even less for qualified applicants who swiftly submit a comprehensive application after receiving an invitation to apply (ITA) after joining the pool.

      Nevertheless, the following factors should be considered since they could cause this timescale to be extended:

      • Although some applicants are contacted shortly after joining the Express Entry pool, others may not obtain an ITA at all, based on their CRS score and CRS cut-off limits in Express Entry drawings.
      • Following their invitation, some selected candidates might be prepared to register for immigration to Canada, while others would require more time than the allocated 60 days.
      • Although the IRCC strives to review submissions within six months, some applications might take much longer, and conclusions on other cases may take less time.

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      The Express Entry Roadmap

      Our free Express Entry Roadmap will give you all the information you need to navigate your Express Entry process!


      Express Entry can be a system this is certainly electric to control the programs of competent employees who would like to come to be permanent residents of Canada.

      Express Entry really is easy and possesses two phases which can be significant. In the 1st significant phase, applicants who will be entitled to Express Entry suggest towards the Canadian federal government their particular phrase of great interest in acquiring Canadian citizen condition this is certainly permanent.

      They are the minimal needs to put on to Canada’s Express Entry system like a employee this is certainly competent. Satisfying these demands doesn’t indicate you will definitely obtain an invite to try to get Canadian residence this is certainly permanent.

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