Quebec Self Employed Worker Program

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    Quebec Self Employed Worker Program

    The Quebec Self-Employed sounding Canada immigration had been made to enable skilled people the chance to get a Canada immigration (Permanent citizen) Visa supplied within the Province of Quebec by exercising a trade or occupation with their very own account that they’ll successfully establish by themselves.

    The Quebec Self-Employed Worker Program can be an immigration path that targets newcomers with knowledge generating their particular tasks which are very own. Effective people have the ability to immigrate to Quebec where they’ll develop work this is certainly very own from a career or trade to their very own account.

    The program allowed applicants to get a de that is certificate du Québec (CSQ – Québec selection official certification) much like every of Quebec’s immigration paths, whenever in procedure. An applicant becomes eligible to deliver the application form that is formal Canadian permanent residence upon locating a CSQ.

    Quebec for Self Employed Demands

    To qualify for the Quebec Self-Employed Worker Program, people must meet the requirements which are after. A must that is candidate

    • arrived at Quebec to generate work this is certainly very own from a occupation or trade on the very own account
    • Have web possessions with a minimum of $100,000 CAD which have been legitimately acquired with, whenever appropriate, a partner this is certainly associated common-law companion.
    • Have at the very least 2 yrs. of expertise being an employee this is certainly self-employed the career or trade they want to practice in Quebec.
    • Meet the minimal points required because suggested in the Quebec Self-Employed Worker Points Assessment Grid.

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      Trusted by 1 Million Satisfied Clients

      Evaluation of your application will need into consideration additionally various other facets, such as for example:

      • Your age plus the age your better half, where relevant
      • The nature and length within your training this is certainly expert
      • Your language abilities
      • Your characteristics which can be private your understanding of Quebec.
      What direction to go?
      1. E-mail us your concern and any documents you consider appropriate
      2. We examine your write-ups and appoint a consultant/lawyer to make contact with you with all the evaluation this is certainly brief
      3. You decide whether or not to continue.
      4. Our situations tend to be managed by experienced solicitors and RCIC immigration experts.

       To learn more please contact to the Canada Immigration Global website.

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