Super Visas – Parents & Grandparents
Super Visas – Parents & Grandparents
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    What is a Canadian Super Visa?

    Foreign citizens who would like their grandparents or parents to temporarily reside with them here in Canada might apply for a Super Visa. Grandparents and parents who qualify may visit relatives in Canada for up to 5 years without having to extend their visa thanks to the Canadian Super Visa. For those family members who want to spend the most time in Canada, this is the perfect route!

    What is the processing time of a Super Visa?

    The length of time it takes to obtain a super visa differs by country, but it usually just requires a few weeks.

    Who Qualifies for a Super Visa for Parents and Grandparents?

    Candidates should be grandparents or parents of Canadian permanent residents or citizens in order to qualify for the super visa. The super visa is not available to people who are dependent on their grandparents or parents. They may nonetheless apply for a standard visitor visa. The candidates for super visas must also be approved for admission to Canada and fulfil certain requirements.

    Before determining whether a candidate is acceptable, visa officers take into account a number of variables. Authorities must have confidence that the candidate is a real foreign tourist who will depart Canada voluntarily at the conclusion of their stay. The following are a few things the officer may take into account:

      • the visitor’s connection to his or her place of origin, 
      • the reason for the trip, 
      • the visitor’s family and financial position, 
      • the general political and economic stability of the nation of origin; 
      • and invites from sponsors in Canada.

    Canada's Super Visa Requirements

    Citizenship for parents and grandparents is valid for five years in Canada without the requirement to reapply.

    • Fill out and send the [IMM5257] form (to be filled out outside of Canada).
    • The financial circumstances of the parent and the host will be taken into account.
    • The general political and economic environments are also relevant.
    • a letter of invitation from the host.
    • Grandparents and parents must fulfill the minimal income standards and give economic help from their children (the host).
    • Show proof of Canadian health insurance (for at least 1 year).
    • complete the necessary medical examinations.

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      The format for a letter of invitation should include:

      • Parents’ full names and middle names.
      • Birthdate and birthplace.
      • Location and mobile number for parents and grandparents
      • connection to the host (citizen or permanent resident of Canada)
      • the reason for the journey.
      • How long will the parent or grandparent be staying?
      • Accommodation information and departure date for the parent or grandparent

      Can I apply from Canada for my parents' Super Visa?

      Only the parent(s) or grandparent(s) who wish to immigrate to Canada may submit a separate supervise application. However, certain details regarding the sponsor must be provided while applying:

      • entire name
      • born on [date]
      • Address and phone number for home
      • Work title
      • Information on citizenship and permanent residency in Canada, as well as identification documents
      • family information, such as names and birth dates
      • Number of family members
      • Invitation letter
      • Income proof

      Method for Obtaining a Super Visa

      1. Prepare your documents

      The following paperwork is required before you may apply for a super visa:

      • a letter of invitation from your Canadian citizen or permanent resident child or grandchild that details their visit
      • evidence showing the home of your child or grandchild earns at least the minimum amount required
      • a certificate of payment for health insurance from a Canadian insurer
      • a record proving you underwent an immigration medical examination

      2. Apply!

      You may file a Super Visa application using the IRCC portal after you have collected all of the necessary paperwork.

      Minimum Income Requirements

      • 1 person (the sponsor)- $24,949
      • 2 people- $31,061
      • 3 people- $38,185
      • 4 people- $46,362
      • 5 people- $52,583
      • 6 people- $59,304
      • 7 people- $66,027
      • 7 or more people (for each additional person add)- $6,723

      How Do I Provide Income Proof?

      The following methods can be used by the host to demonstrate their income:

        • Submit a printed copy of the latest relevant Notice of Assessment.
        • Straight from the CRA, obtain your tax information.
        • the most current version of your employer’s T4 or a T1 tax form 
        • actual letter from your employer outlining your position title, duties, and compensation
        • pay stubs for employment insurance
        • Evidence of additional income streams, such as a retirement statement, investment records, etc.

      Recent Update:

      Super Visa holders would be able to remain in Canada for a total of five years per entrance as of July 4, 2022. Those who already have a Super Visa can extend it for up to two years while they are in Canada.

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