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    Canada Family Sponsorship Visa - A Guide!

    Canada provides a variety of immigration schemes that enable citizens the chance to sponsor their family members to immigrate to Canada because it values family reunification and bringing family members close. Let us help you throughout.

    What is class sponsorship for families?

    For citizens or permanent residents who want to bring their relatives to Canada, the country offers sponsorship opportunities. Certain family members may be granted permanent residency in Canada under these programs. Since Canada understands that relationships cannot be placed on hold, one of its most popular immigration streams allows citizens and permanent residents to easily sponsor their spouses and immediate families to immigrate to Canada with shorter processing timelines.

    Spouse, common-law partner, or conjugal partner

    Regardless of whether your spouse, common-law partner or conjugal partner is living abroad or in Canada on a legitimate temporary visa, you might well be able to sponsor them for Canadian permanent residency. In-country residents may also be eligible for an open work permit, which would enable couples to lessen some of their financial obligations.

    Although their sponsorship application is being handled, sponsored people can work in Canada with a spousal open work visa. If you and your partner are not wed but have lived together for at least a year, you may be qualified to file for spousal sponsorship because Canada recognizes common-law partnerships.

    Parent or Grandparent Sponsorship

    Through the parent and grandparent sponsorship program, Canada’s dedication to family reunification applies to grandparents and parents of permanent residents and citizens. Citizens and permanent residents must show they are able to provide for their families monetarily by earning the Minimum Necessary Income (MNI) for the extent of their household unit in order to sponsor a grandparent or parent. They should also consent to provide any necessary financial support for the sponsored members of the family. A Super Visa, a lengthy, multiple-entry visa for grandparents and parents of Canadian citizens and permanent residents, might well be available to sponsors who are not able to provide for their parent or grandparent permanently.

    Child or Other Dependent Sponsorship

    You have the option to list your kids as accompanied dependents on your registration for permanent residency if you’re moving to Canada. But, they may still be capable of joining you in Canada later if you decide not to include them or are otherwise incapable of doing so. As far as they are not married and do not already have kids of their own, Canadian citizens and permanent residents may sponsor their biological or adoptive youngsters under the age of 22 for permanent residence in Canada. If a child above the age of 22 has a physical or mental impairment that makes it impossible for them to sustain themselves, that child may be regarded as a dependent.

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      A sibling, niece, nephew, or grandchild who is orphaned

      In certain specific circumstances, Canadian citizens or Permanent Residents may be qualified to sponsor the immigration to Canada of their orphaned sibling, niece, nephew, or grandchild. They should be unmarried, under 18, and your relative by birth or adoption in order to sponsor them.

      How can I qualify to sponsor a member of my family?

      You need to meet the minimum eligibility standards in order to sponsor a family member. Sponsors who qualify must:

        • be at least 18 years old, 
        • a Canadian citizen or permanent resident, 
        • and either currently resides in Canada or intends to do so after your spouse or partner does as well
        • possess the capacity and willingness to meet your family’s minimal financial necessities for a minimum of 3 years

      Who is not qualified to sponsor a family member?

      A citizen or permanent resident may not sponsor in certain circumstances. A sponsor may not qualify if one of the situations listed below applies to them:

      • are presently incarcerated
      • having neglected to pay alimony or child support
      • have filed for bankruptcy and have not been freed
      • benefited from social assistance without being disabled
      • not returned an immigration loan on time, paid late, or missed payments
      • had previously sponsored a relative and broken the sponsorship agreement’s requirements
      • based on the specifics of the case, have been guilty of a violent crime, any offense against relatives, or any sexual offense.

      What is the price to sponsor a relative in Canada?

      A $150 fee will be necessary for each child listed on the application if you are sponsoring your partner and they have dependants or if you are supporting your adopted child. A further $1,050 is needed if you’re including your relative’s spouse or partner. The following is a list of the government processing fees for sponsoring a relative in Canada.

      • Sponsorship fee $75
      • Principal applicant processing fee $475
      • Right of permanent residence fee $500
      • Biometrics: $85
      • Total: $1135

      In addition to the payments listed above, a charge of $289 CAD must be paid if the sponsor already lives in Quebec or plans to move there after receiving permanent residency.

      What is the minimum income needed for sponsoring a Canadian family?

      Some sponsorship applications, such as those from grandparents, parents, eligible orphaned relatives, or those who qualify under the “lonely Canadian” policy, have minimum income criteria.

      These sponsors need to have the Minimum Necessary Income (MNI) essential for the length of their family structure and should also present Notices of Assessment (NOA) from the Canada Revenue Agency as evidence that they have done so for at least three years in a row.

      Unlike most other types of Canadian sponsorship, sponsoring a spouse does not need you to provide proof of a certain level of income. Nevertheless, you should sign an agreement if you sponsor a family member to immigrate to Canada, pledging to pay for their fundamental requirements.

      Is employment required to sponsor a family member?

      Candidates must fulfill MNI requirements in order to sponsor a family member who isn’t their spouse or partner. While employment is not always necessary, sponsors are still expected to show that they have enough money coming in over the last three years to provide for the family members they are supporting.

      What is the duration of the sponsorship?

      Applications for sponsorship go through the entire processing cycle in around a year. Normally, they are handled in a year but based on the particulars of your case, it can take more time.

      Your application can be delayed if you have a challenging situation or the immigration officer needs more evidence of your relationship.

      How many kin may I sponsor to immigrate to Canada?

      There is no restriction on how many eligible family members a Canadian citizen or permanent resident can support. Nevertheless, every qualified family member sponsored by the applicant requires a separate registration.

      Supporting a relative in Quebec

      Quebec has more freedom from the federal government to choose who will live there. Therefore, in order to sponsor a relative of their qualified family, permanent residents or citizens of Quebec should first request permission from the Quebec Ministry of Immigration, Francisation, and Integration (MIFI). For sponsors who reside in Quebec, MIFI is charged with approving a sponsorship commitment.

      Background investigation for Canadian sponsors

      All adults over the age of 18 who apply for permanent residency in Canada must submit a Police Clearance Certificate to attest that they are not barred from entering the country due to a criminal conviction.

      All nations where an applicant has lived for at least six months since turning 18 require them to have obtained police clearances.

      Biometric check while sponsorship from Canada

      Most immigrants to Canada are required to submit biometric data. If you want to know if you have to provide your biometrics, utilize Canada’s online tool.

      You will get a letter from IRCC with information on how to supply your biometrics after submitting your biometric fee when completing your application.

      Canadian sponsorship medical exam

      To make sure they are not medically ineligible, anyone applying for permanent residency in Canada must get checked out by a doctor.

      Your medical assessment does not have to be included in your application. IRCC will you with details on how to perform your medical exam after receiving your sponsorship application.

      Are applications for Canadian sponsorship subject to a deadline?

      To make sure they are not medically ineligible, anyone applying for permanent residency in Canada must get checked out by a doctor.

      Your medical assessment does not have to be included in your application. IRCC will you with details on how to perform your medical exam after receiving your sponsorship application.

      Is it possible for me to sponsor my sibling's immigration to Canada?

      Sponsoring your sister to immigrate to Canada as a Canadian citizen or permanent resident is highly challenging. This is only possible if you qualify as a “Lonely Canadian” or if your siblings can be listed as dependents on your applications for parental sponsorship.

      Can I sponsor my fiancé to come to Canada?

      It is not possible for Canadian citizens or permanent residents to sponsor their fiancé’s immigration to the country. To be eligible to apply under the spousal sponsorship class, Canadian citizens and permanent residents must wed. However, they can come under the category if they are your common-law partner.

      Can I sponsor my significant other to immigrate to Canada?

      There isn’t a program available in Canada to sponsor your partner’s immigration. If you want to sponsor your girlfriend or boyfriend to immigrate to Canada, you should be married or have common-law partners.

      Permanent residents and citizens of Canada may, under certain conditions, be able to sponsor their domestic partner.

      Should I support my friend's immigration to Canada?

      There is no program in Canada that allows a citizen or permanent resident to sponsor a buddy.

      In Canada, is there a maximum age for sponsorship?

      Canadian citizens or permanent residents are required to be at least 18 years old to sponsor a family member. The oldest person who can be sponsored to immigrate to Canada is unrestricted.

      During the processing of their inland spousal sponsorship application, can my spouse or common-law partner work in Canada?

      Your partner or common-law partner may work continuously until their contract ends if they are residing in Canada and have a current work permit. They may be qualified to apply for an open work permit that permits them to practice while their registration is being reviewed if they are residing in Canada with a valid student or visiting visa.

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