Federal Skilled Trades Program
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    Federal Skilled Trades Program

    Only one federal economic immigration program, the Federal Skilled Trades Program, gives workers in trades’ occupations priority for immigration to Canada. It enables skilled craftspeople from all over the world to move permanently to Canada.

    It takes one of the three Express Entry sub-programs six months to complete the entire application procedure.

    Additionally, the Federal Skilled Trades Program applications are expedited through the Express Entry immigration system, which speeds up immigration within a matter of months, due to the scarcities of labour in several skilled trades’ professions across Canada.

    Candidates for the Federal Skilled Trades Program may benefit from Express Entry in other ways besides only quicker processing times.

    Various Advantages of FSTP:

    • For Federal Skilled Trades candidates exclusively, IRCC has previously held program-specific drawings with CRS cut-off criteria much lower than what other candidates have required to meet in order to be allowed to apply. Candidates for the Federal Skilled Trades Program have previously received invitations to apply with scores as low as 199. The lowest-ever bar for FSW and CEC applicants is 413, nevertheless! Since 2017, there have been at least a few FST-specific draws each year.
    • Obtaining a legitimate employment offer in your field from a Canadian business is one approach to being qualified as a tradesperson. You might potentially get more CRS points for the offer letter in order to help you acquire eligibility. Your possibilities of being called to apply will go up as a result.
    • For Federal Skilled Trades applicants, the language proficiency requirement for entry into the Express Entry pool is less stringent than it is for FSW and CEC applicants.

    There is no assurance that you’ll be asked to register even if you are qualified to do so according to the Federal Skilled Trades Class. But IRCC has in the past given Federal Skilled Trades candidates priority and might continue to do so.

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      Qualifications Criteria for FSTP:

      Candidates for the Federal Skilled Trades Program have to:

      • Present the outcomes of a language proficiency test that has been approved by the Canadian government as meeting the language proficiency standards for each language skill (speaking, reading, listening, and writing). The minimum requirements are Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) 5 for speaking and listening and CLB 4 for writing and reading. 
      • Also, the applicants in FSTP are required to have a minimum of 2 years of work experience in a full-time job. This experience should be in the recent five years of their profession. 
      • Possess a certificate of training in that skilled profession from a Canadian provincial or territorial government OR have a full-time work offer in that skilled profession for duration of at least 1 year from up to two Canadian employers.
      • Candidates for the Federal Skilled Trades Program who do not already have a job offer must declare enough money for settlement when they register in the Express Entry pool. When making a permanent residency application, this statement must then be supported by evidence.

      The fund requirement for one individual is CAD 13,310, and for two people is CAD 16, 570. 

      Visit our Express Entry CRS Calculator to see whether you might be qualified for the Federal Skilled Trades Program. You will learn whether you qualify for the three federal economic immigration programs administered by Express Entry, including FST, and you will gain insight into your potential CRS score and Express Entry viability.

      The procedure for the Federal Skilled Trades Program

      Given that we’ve gained a general understanding of Express Entry’s operation and how candidates for the Federal Skilled Trades Program are added to the pool, it is time to examine the entire application process, from evaluating eligibility to receiving your Canadian PR Visa.

      Step 1: Verify that you have two years or more of relevant experience.

      Candidates for the Federal Skilled Trades Program must demonstrate that they have two years of full-time experience working in their profession, or more if the experience was gained through part-time employment. Have you calculated your experience and decided you possess the necessary experience? Continue to step 2 if so. If not, keep on working until this condition is met.

      Step 2: Check your occupation

      You must make sure that your occupation falls under the Canadian trade jobs category.

      Step 3: Verify that you meet all other requirements.

      Have you passed the language exam? Candidates can take the IELTS or CELPIP test for English. You only have the TEF or TCF test options for French. Candidates with some proficiency in both English and French may receive extra marks for their second-language proficiency.

      Have you received a legitimate offer of employment from a Canadian business or a certificate of proficiency from a Canadian territory or province? To fulfill the requirements, you must own at least one of these.

      Step 4: Make an Express Entry profile

      Go to the IRCC website and finish this step totally online. You would be required to submit certain personal data, a portion of which is self-declared (like your employment history) and some of which needs to be supported by evidence.

      Step 5: Enhance your CRS profile and ranking

      Consult our tutorial on how to raise your CRS score if it falls below the threshold needed to be invited to apply.

      Candidates for the Federal Skilled Trades Program frequently receive lower CRS scores than they might somehow be capable of as they are not required to demonstrate their education level in order to be included in the Express Entry pool.

      These applicants could see a significant increase in their score by submitting documentation of their educational status, up to 150 points for the education level alone and an additional 100 points when combined with Canadian job experience and/or language proficiency.

      These credits may be given to applicants who finished their studies outside of Canada by getting an Educational Credential Assessment (ECA). Candidates for the Federal Skilled Trades Program should get an ECA or upload documentation proving their Canadian educational background in order to increase their chances of being selected to submit an application for permanent residency.

      Additional professional experience, retaking a language exam and receiving a better score, or determining if you qualify under one of the Express Entry-aligned Provincial Nominee Program streams, especially those that specifically seek tradespeople, are all possible methods to raise your rating. There might be a 600-point reward awaiting you in a province where your experience and abilities are in high demand.

      Step 6: Obtain a request to apply

      You and your spouse, if applicable, can now submit a request for permanent residence after obtaining an invitation to apply. You will then have 60 days to complete and send your application. When IRCC performs one of its draws from the Express Entry program, ITAs are given to high-scoring candidates.

      Step 7: Conduct a medical exam, provide background information for security purposes, and submit an online application.

      The potential for health and criminal inadmissibility is checked on all candidates. You must include documentation supporting the completion of a medical examination with an IRCC-approved panel doctor with your application.

      A criminal background check (frequently referred to as a clearance certificate) from each nation you have resided in for at least six months since turning 18 is also required. Additionally, thorough work reference letters from prior employers must be sent by the electronic application.

      It is a smart option to compile background checks and work letters of recommendation before you acquire an ITA because of the short deadline.

      Step 8: A review of your electronic application

      After reviewing your electronic application, a Canadian immigration official will inform you of any additional requirements.

      Step 9: Obtain verification of your identity as a lawful permanent resident and finish your landing

      The majority of Federal Skilled Trades Program applications are completed in less than 6 months. Confirmation of permanent residence (COPR) certificate is sent to the person once their application has been accepted. When a permanent residence is awarded, an official at a Canadian entry point or at the IRCC office signs and stamps this document.

      Step 10: Get your PR card

      You can then submit an application for your PR card after receiving your status confirmation. Use this certificate as evidence of your Canadian citizenship wherever you go abroad.

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      This system is actually for all of the trade this is certainly experienced, competent men and women around the globe who’re looking to proceed to Canada.

      Many programs which are full for this system tend to be managed in the half-year.

      The program, when it comes to component this is certainly many, allows the licensed tradespersons from around the world just who proceed to Canada for many time. Besides, based on 2015, this Federal change that is skilled was on began things out serve idea. The programs tend to be managing from about 2015 underneath the Express Entry immigration choice system.

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