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Immigrate from Mexico to Canada

Canada has over 100 economic-class immigration pathways for Mexico citizens and residents to choose from. However, the best pathway for you (and family) depends on individual circumstances and goals.

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    Interested in Moving to Canada from Mexico

    A secure, contented, and successful existence is something that many immigrants desire, and moving to Canada offers advantages for Mexicans who want to live in Canada. The rewards might be worthwhile; however, the online application entails a lot of processes. You can better grasp the prerequisites and complete the steps required to become a Canadian citizen by working with a competent immigration attorney.

    How to Immigrate from Mexico to Canada Step by Step
    Step 1: Research Potential Residences in Canada

    Canada’s 13 provinces and territories each have their own unique cultures, labor markets, economy, and visa policies. It’s crucial to consider all of your alternatives in each province to choose which one best suits your lifestyle. If you want to work in the tech field, you should select the provinces with the most tech-savvy companies.

    Step 2: Find the ideal visa program for you

    Numerous immigration programs may be available to Mexican nationals who want to relocate to Canada. The most popular route for skilled workers to immigrate to Canada from Mexico is through the Federal Skilled Workers Program. Using permanent residency visas, Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) extends invitations to skilled people from all over the world to immigrate to Canada every year. Mexicans are most likely to apply for the following visa programs:

    • Express Entry
    • Canadian Experience Class
    • Student Visa
    • Family Sponsorship
    • Provincial Nominee Program (PNP)

    Two other alternatives are as follows:

    • Self-Employed Immigration: Through the Self-Employed Persons Program, individuals can move to Canada permanently in that capacity. If you’re interested in this program, you must be prepared to
    • contribute a significant part to Canada’s artistic or athletic culture;
    • And also have practical qualifications in cultural events or sports.
    • Asylum and Refugees: Individuals that have been compelled to escape their nations and are unable to return since they fear being persecuted, at risk of being tortured, or subjected to harsh or inhuman treatment at home are considered refugees.

    Not everybody is qualified to apply for asylum. People who have, for instance, been guilty of serious crimes or had prior refugee claims dismissed by Canada are ineligible to submit claims.

    Step 3: Mexican Nationals' Visa Requirements for Canada

    For the majority of candidates, the citizenship criteria are rather obvious. Children below the age of eighteen and immigrants who were fostered by Canadian residents are subject to separate criteria. Although there are limitations for people with prior criminal convictions, an eligible applicant must be:

    1. 18 years of age or older
    2. A long-term occupant
    3. having lived in Canada for at least three years

    Being capable of communicating in English or French will aid your case, and as a new resident, this level of language ability might also make it easier for you to find employment. Your ability to prove your familiarity with Canada will be required as part of your citizenship application and your language proficiency may facilitate this process.

    Although the immigration procedure may be drawn out, your visa consultant can assist you to prevent any issues if you’re travelling from Mexico to Canada.

    Step 4: Obtain the Immigration to Canada Documents You Need
      • The Confirmation of the Medical Examination
      • Police verification
      • The bio-data page from a passport or other travel document
      • the demonstration of work history
      • The Statement of Funds

    Various documents can be needed depending on the type of visa. It is crucial to research the necessary paperwork and specifications for the particular visa you are seeking for.

    Step 5: Submit a language test result

    You must demonstrate your English or French language proficiency to the IRCC by passing a standardized language test in order to be granted a Canadian visa. Qualification exams consist of:

    • IELTS – International English Language Testing Program
    • CELPIP – Canadian English Language Proficiency Index Program
    • TEF – Test devaluation de François
    Step 6: Discover your NOC code

    The NOC Code, which refers to National Occupational Classification, will often be required. By name and nature of work, this system was created to categorize and group employment. The NOC Code that most closely matches your prior job experience can be found. Finding the optimal match codes for your immigration application is crucial.

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    Step 7: Perform a medical exam

    If you wish to go from Mexico to Canada, you may be required to undergo a medical exam. This is to ensure that you are not barred from entry due to a medical condition.

    Step 8: Give Biometrics

    Generally speaking, you must provide biometrics when applying for

    • A visitor visa
    • permanent residence,
    • A work or study permit (with the exception of Americans)
    • Refugees or asylum seekers

    Although if you previously provided your biometrics to accompany an application for a visitor visa, student or work permit, or a separate permanent residence registration, you must provide your biometrics and pay the price.

    The IRCC will issue you a letter once you complete your application stating when and where you must provide your biometrics. You will have up to 30 days to physically visit a site where the official biometrics gathering service is offered.

    Advice on Immigrating from Mexico to Canada

    While immigrants from many different countries have historically been welcomed in Canada, there are some characteristics that may be particularly attractive. Canadian immigrants are viewed positively if they possess qualities that will enrich and enrich the local community.

    If any of the following apply to you in your desire to immigrate to Canada from Mexico:
    • Speak English or French
    • possess unique abilities
    • Have a distinctive work history

    There are other legal immigration options, and your lawyer can help you figure out whether you could be eligible. If your family members are also Canadian permanent residents, you may apply for entrance into the country in order to visit them. You can also come to Canada from Mexico through adoption.

    Benefits of Canadian Citizenship for Mexicans Seeking Immigration

    As soon as you become a citizen, you will be granted a lot of rights. This indicates that you will be treated by the law similarly to other Canadian citizens. The right to: is one of these benefits.

    • Permanent residence in Canada
    • Receive an equal chance in every field
    • Employment in Canada.

    Being officially recognized will also give you protection from many forms of discrimination. Another advantage will be the ability to gather quietly. According to the law, you will also be empowered to express yourself. While also being permitted to temporarily reside in Canada may have certain benefits, becoming a citizen may entitle you to many more professional and social options.

    As a citizen, you would be able to travel abroad and come back without risk to your status. You will also be able to vote. You and your household could find this to be a comfort, and your immigration lawyer can help you comprehend all of the amazing benefits that are associated with citizenship.

    Are You Interested in Immigrating from Mexico to Canada?

    Despite being simple, moving to Canada can be stressful due to the country’s many rules and regulations. Your application could be rejected for the slightest error. Therefore, rather than taking such a big risk, it is best to seek the assistance of a professional. Due to this, we, the top Canadian Visa Firm, are always there to assist you.