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Immigrate to Canada from the UAE

Canada has over 100 economic-class immigration pathways for UAE citizens and residents to choose from. However, the best pathway for you (and family) depends on individual circumstances and goals.

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    How to Immigrate to Canada from UAE?

    Canada is popular for offering the best immigration options and a number of programs for both businesspeople and skilled professionals. You’ve found the ideal blog if you’re from UAE and wish to immigrate to Canada in 2023, with your family. Read on.

    Why would you relocate to Canada from UAE?

    Here are five explanations for moving to Canada:

    Great Career Possibilities

    For occupations in engineering, medicine, construction, and many other fields, Canada has a great demand. It is the ideal location to submit an application for the Federal Skilled Workers program.

    Free Medical Care

    For its entire people, the Canadian government provides free access to essential healthcare services. Medicines, dental work, optometry, and other services are covered by the government.

    High Life Quality

    Canada offers a fantastic work-life balance, a good level of living, and a number of national holidays.

    Accepting Immigrants

    The country of Canada welcomes immigrants. According to a survey, Canada rated first globally for its level of tolerance for immigrants.

    The ability to launch a business

    After coming to Canada, permanent residents are also permitted to open their own businesses. Without being a citizen of Canada, you can invest in a franchise or launch a new company as a lone proprietor, partnership, or corporation.

    Is moving to Canada from the UAE simple?

    It is, indeed. The fact that citizens of any nation can apply for Canadian immigration programs is one of their strongest features.

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    Immigration visa options for moving from UAE to Canada

    The following initiatives will help people move to Canada from UAE.

    1. The Federal Economic Class or the Express Entry Program

    The Express Entry system is a Federal government program that is responsible for meeting the talent shortage in various industries of the country. It also takes care of granting Canadian PR visas to eligible candidates after ranking them from their CRS scores. 

    The Express Entry program includes

    • Federal skilled workers
    • Federal skilled Trades
    • Canada Experience Class
    2. Provincial Nominee Programs

    The provinces of Canada that have their own immigration policies and employment opportunities are included in the provincial economic class program.

    • Ontario Immigration
    • Alberta Immigration
    • British Columbia Immigration
    • Manitoba Immigration
    • New Brunswick Immigration
    • Newfoundland Immigration
    • Nova Scotia Immigration
    • Saskatchewan Immigration
    • Prince Edward Island Immigration
    3. Quebec Immigration Program

    The only scheme that offers you straight Canadian Permanent Resident status is this one.

    4. Business Immigration

    A candidate may purchase a business and immigrate to Canada on a temporary work permit under Canadian federal law.

    5. Temporary Resident First Program

    With the help of this scheme, immigrants who entered the country temporarily can become citizens of Canada after three years.

    6. Family Class Sponsorship

    Family members of immigrants from the UAE may apply for this scheme. The families on the list are eligible for sponsorship under this scheme.

    • Common-law partner and
    • spouse
    • Conjugal companion
    • dependent children
    • Parents
    • Grandparents
    • sisters or brothers
    Eligibility Requirements for Relocating To Canada from UAE
    • The candidates should have a minimum of 67 points to be eligible for the Express Entry class
    • IELTS score of more than 7.5 overall band
    • Full-time work experience of 2 years at minimum in an in-demand job
    • Job experience should be under the following categories:
    • Skill Type 0
    • Skill Level A (Professional Occupations)
    • Skill Level B (Technical Occupations and Skilled Trades)
    • Enough capital or funds to support yourself throughout and after the immigration process
    • Medical and Police clearance certificates
    • ECA reports
    How can you apply from UAE for a permanent resident visa in Canada?

    The steps to apply for permanent residency are as follows:

      • Step 1: Compile the necessary academic credentials and submit an application for the Educational Credential Assessment.
      • Step 2: Create an Express Entry profile by providing all the necessary information.
      • Step 3: Work to get an invitation to apply for a Canada PR visa by achieving the most recent Express Entry Draw Score.
      • Step 4: Within the allocated 60 days, submit the visa payments and all other paperwork.
      • Step 5: Send your passport to the nearest Embassy for stamping after obtaining notification that your visa application has been approved.
    Cost of Immigrating To Canada from UAE



    ECA Fees

    250-500 Canadian Dollars (714-1429 AED approx.)*


    Primary Applicant

    850 CAD (2429 AED)*

    Secondary Applicant

    850 CAD (2429 AED)*

    Right of Permanent Residence permit Visa

    Primary Applicant

    515 CAD( 1472 AED approx)*

    Secondary Applicant

    515 CAD (1472 AED approx)*

    Children less than 22 years

    230 CAD (657 AED approx)*

    IELTS Fee (in UAE)

    AED 1260*

    Medical Fee

    900 AED and 500 AED per kid

    How may your CRS Points be increased so that you can receive an "Invitation to Apply"?

    Here are some strategies for raising your CRS points.

    • Language: You can earn 160 CRS points if you speak both English and French fluently.
    • Work: 80 CRS points are awarded a minimum of 3 years of experience.
    • Education: You will receive 150 points if you have more education.
    • Spouse: Your spouse’s education level will earn you 10 CRS points, and their language skills will earn you 20 points.
    • Program for Provincial Nominees: You will receive a whopping 600 CRS points.
    • Job Offer: A job offer from Canada will boost your CRS scores.
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