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Moving From Another Country

Canada has over 100 economic-class immigration pathways for citizens and residents to choose from. However, the best pathway for you (and family) depends on individual circumstances and goals.

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    Moving To Canada from Another Country

    It is not a simple task to complete! Move to another country while fitting your entire life into a few suitcases. If the country is far away, spanning continents and oceans, with different climates, cultures, laws, and languages than what you’re used to, this may be even more challenging. There are a few points you might be asking yourself in order to ensure that you successfully adjust to living in Canada: Your immigration strategy. What kind of employment do you expect? Where will you call home? What should you do if you need to see a doctor?

    Moving to Canada from the US

    You will have a special set of questions and worries if you now reside in the United States and desire to relocate to Canada. Fortunately, we’ve put up a handbook that walks you through every stage of migrating from the US to Canada.

    Visa Programs for Immigration/ PR Visa

    Choosing the right immigration route for you is the first step in relocating to Canada from another country. What you intend to do in Canada will determine everything about this. Do you intend to stay in Canada long-term? Or are you traveling to visit friends or relatives or to temporarily work? You should pursue an immigration track to permanent residence if you want to settle permanently in Canada. You should look into immigration options if you want to temporarily relocate to Canada for a job, school, or travel.

    Permanent Residence Programs

    The ability to reside and work anywhere in Canada is granted to those with permanent residence status. As long as a few requirements are satisfied, the position is permanent, and after a few years, permanent residents are qualified to apply for Canadian citizenship. How does one become a resident for life? For those who want to immigrate permanently, there are several options:

    • Economic Class Immigration
    • Family Class Immigration
    • Business Class Immigration
    • Refugee and Humanitarian Immigration
    Temporary Residence Programs

    The temporary resident status allows its holder to stay in Canada for a short while in order to engage in specific activities, as stated on their immigration documents. Temporary residents are typically permitted admission into Canada for reasons of employment, education, and/or travel. Each of these transient residents has a unique immigration route:

    • Work in Canada
    • Study in Canada
    • Visit Canada

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    Working in Canada

    Following your arrival in Canada, you might start looking for work to help you support your family and yourself. When looking for a career in Canada, keep the following in mind:

    Authorization to Work in Canada: You must make sure you have the appropriate authorization in order to work in Canada. You automatically have the right to work in Canada if you are a permanent resident. If not, you must make sure that your job is authorized by a current permit.

    Resources for the Job Bank: In Canada, there are several tools available to assist persons looking for work. The Federal Job Bank is run by the Canadian government and features numerous job openings each day. There are other additional job-offering websites and networking services as well.

    Certification and Licensing: Numerous professions in Canada are subject to licensing and certification requirements. To practice in that field, a person must possess a certificate or license. It is advantageous to determine whether your profession is regulated before relocating to Canada and to comprehend the procedure for obtaining a certificate or license, when appropriate.

    Study abroad in Canada

    Some of the best universities in the world are located in Canada! In Canada, there are numerous possibilities for education. As long as they are accepted by the university, permanent residents are allowed to enroll in any program in Canada. Temporary residents must receive the necessary authorization, in the form of a study permit, in order to study in Canada.

    Right Time To Move To Canada

    Once your application for Canadian Permanent Residence has been accepted, you are not required to relocate to Canada immediately. You must get in Canada, nevertheless, before your PR visa expires. You can spend your time moving once you have arrived and verified your status as a permanent resident.

    Getting Over the Border

    Make sure you have the necessary papers for entrance if you are crossing the border as a temporary resident. A visa is needed to enter Canada from many countries, although not all of them. Make sure you have the required identification documents, as well. There are specific procedures you must adhere to while entering the country to become a permanent resident. Make absolutely sure you have the following important papers:

    • Canadian visa for immigration (unless coming from a visa-exempt country)
    • Proof of Permanent Residency for each traveling family member
    • Each traveling family member must have a current passport or another form of identification.

    Duplicates of:

    • a thorough list of every piece of luggage or home item you’re bringing
    • a list of the late-arriving items together with their monetary value.

    Never pack these papers. Always keep them close to you and your family. If you are carrying more than $10,000 CAD when entering Canada to become a permanent resident, you must declare your assets.


    You will need to have housing when you go to Canada. Before coming to Canada, some immigrants opt to arrange a house. However, due to the fact that there is some deception in the rental and housing markets, we do suggest care while making advance arrangements for accommodations. When they initially arrive, a lot of newcomers opt to temporarily stay in a hotel or with friends or family. This allows them time to look for accommodations in person. Once you’ve chosen a place to call home, make sure to inquire with Newcomers Canada to see if they have any resources they can use to assist you.

    Social and Healthcare Services

    The nation’s social services and healthcare system are available to all citizens and permanent residents. If you want to know more about how to use these services, speak with Newcomers Canada. Workers, students, and visitors should make sure they have access to health insurance while they are temporary residents.

    New Immigrants Services

    According to the Canadian government, immigrants’ success in Canada depends on their successful integration. As a result, Canada provides a variety of services to help people who are new to the country. These services can offer direction in a number of different areas, including housing, education, job, language learning, transportation, and many others. Simply visit the Newcomer Services area of the Canadian government website to learn more about these services.

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