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A COVIDSafe summer

Find out how to keep yourself and your loved ones safe from COVID-19 this summer.

Booster doses

Learn about booster doses for COVID-19 vaccines.

Cheaper maximum cost for prescriptions

From 1 January 2023 medicines will be cheaper for millions of Australians. The maximum cost of general co-payments for PBS prescriptions will reduce from $42.50 to $30. 

National Dementia Action Plan consultation open

Have your say and help us to improve dementia support and treatment.

We are Health and Aged Care

Helping keep Australians healthy and safe.

State and Territory information

If you are planning to travel, make sure you stay up to date with state and territory information below.  

You can also check restrictions in all states and territories using the COVID-19 Restriction Checker.

New South Wales



South Australia

Western Australia


Northern Territory

Australian Capital Territory