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Immigrating from China to Canada

Canada has over 100 economic-class immigration pathways for Chinese citizens and residents to choose from. However, the best pathway for you (and family) depends on individual circumstances and goals.

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    Are You Planning To Immigrate To Canada From China?

    The history of Chinese immigration to Canada dates back to the 1780s. Among the most significant ethnic groups in Canada is the 1.5 million or more Chinese people that live there. Chinese Canadians play a significant economic role, contributing to the building of the Canadian Pacific Railway (CPR), while many European Canadians historically opposed Chinese immigration. From literature to athletics, politics to civil rights, movies to music, business to philanthropy, and education to religion, they have made contributions to every sphere of Canadian society.

    The top 5 provinces where Chinese Canadian communities are most numerous include:

    • Ontario
    • British Columbia
    • Alberta
    • Quebec
    • Manitoba

    Nearly 75% of Canada’s Chinese citizens as of 2001 resided in Toronto or Vancouver.

    Canada is accepting more people from China than ever before

    Immigration experts think the severe pandemic regulations are also causing a spike in requests to live in Canada. China’s zero-COVID limits have been linked to an unusual wave of statewide demonstrations in recent weeks. Online figures from Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada show that 9,925 Chinese citizens were admitted as permanent residents for the quarter of July through September. That is 15% higher than the 8,690 figures reported in the third quarter of 2019, before the epidemic, and more than quadruple the pandemic low of 2,980 in the same quarter of 2020. A good education for their kids, cleaner air, and a healthier lifestyle has historically been driving factors for Chinese clientele thinking about relocating to Canada.

    Process of Canadian PR Visa Immigration

    More than 50% of Chinese immigrants said that their friends and relatives already lived in the area they chose to settle in. While air quality, political unrest, and food safety concerns grow in China, Chinese businesses sought to relocate abroad mostly for better educational and medical possibilities for their children.

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    Working in Canada

    Chinese skilled overseas workers may find employment in Canada to be an appealing alternative. On Temporary Canadian Work Permits, almost 200,000 international skilled workers arrive in Canada every year. There is no explanation for why you can’t experience this as well!

    Family Sponsorship

    Many immigrants decide to settle in Canada in order to be near family members who already live there. You could be able to immigrate via the sponsorship of a relative who is a Canadian citizen or permanent resident, for example, a grandparent, parent, child, or spouse. Your qualification for family-class sponsorship can be determined with the assistance of an immigration lawyer.

    Applying for PNPs or Express Entry

    Chinese citizens seeking immigration to Canada have the choice of applying for PNPs, also known as the Provincial Nominee Program, or Express Entry. As of the current date in 2023, the most well-known and often the quickest program to qualify for Canadian permanent residency is Express Entry. Depending on a number of factors, the Express Entry program assigns each candidate a score. If your CRS (Comprehensive Ranking System) is low, however, you should still consider applying to one of Canada’s Provincial Nominee Programs (PNP). A Canadian province or territory must nominate the candidate when submitting a PNP application.

    Study Permits

    One of the most sought-after nations in the world for higher education in Canada. Over 150,000 foreign students come to Canada each year to live there temporarily while they attend school. As a means of obtaining a Permanent Residency, many foreign nationals choose to study in Canada. There are numerous programs that enable international students to graduate with permanent residence in Canada.

    Applying for Express Entry or PNPs

    Those looking to immigrate to Canada from China have the option to enter the Express Entry pool or apply for a Provincial Nominee Program also known as PNPs.

    Express Entry is by far the most popular and typically the fastest program to obtain Canadian Permanent Residency through. The Express Entry program calculates a score for each applicant depending on a collection of categories. However, if your CRS (Comprehensive Ranking System) is low, you can plan to apply in any of the Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) for Canada. When applying for a PNP, a Canadian province or territory must nominate an applicant.